The Best 8 Google Ads Features You can’t Afford to Lose

Google Advertising google adwords latest updates

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a technique to promote your business online by showing your ads on top of all organic results. Know in-depth about “what is google ads” here.

In this article of google adwords latest updates, we have shared the top 8 important features of Google Advertising which will help you to get ideas for Paid Advertising Strategy for boosting your business ROI.

1. Show More in Fewer Words

In Google AdWords ad copies, you don’t need to write a long story to convince the user for clicking it. Instead, you should learn the art of conveying your message to the audience in fewer words.

You have a maximum of around 500 characters or 100 words to show your business information to the client using Google Advertising Platform for Search Ads.

google adwords latest updates

2. PPC is More Engaging than SEO

Survey says that 90% of the people click on top 3 positioned websites to meet their requirements. And if you search for anything on Google SERP, you can see that the top 3 positions have been fixed for paid advertising result only.

google adwords latest updates 2019

The matter is, if you are only depending on SEO, unknowingly you are losing a huge number of potential clicks to your business. Because just after this first fold of Google Ads, the organic listings started to show on the Search Engine Result Page and it’s getting the remaining 2% of clicks only.

Now, as a smart business person, you can’t afford to lose the potential customer for your business. So, plan today and execute it. If you need any help, feel free to talk with our Google Advertising Experts or write us to

3. Google Ads is Measurable & Super Flexible

In traditional marketing, you invest a big budget in advertising but you can’t track the conversions. You will be shocked to know that by investing only 30% of your traditional marketing budget in Google Advertising will not only give you the 3x revenue but also will show you the calculations of each cent you have spent.

Google Ads will show you the complete report including CPC, CPA, CR, ROI & other things.

google adwords latest updates

4. Compete Your Competitors in a few days only

If you are doing SEO for your website, you must be aware that how tough is it to compete with your competitors. Well, Paid Advertising only can eradicate your problems forever.

Here, you need to play with a proper campaign strategy and budget optimization to compete with your nearest competitors in less than a week. Read more articles from google adwords latest updates blog to rank out your competitors.

5. Easy to Manage Online Presence by Giving Less Time

If you have hired an SEO agency, they must have taken around 2 months to give you some output. We know, in this fast-forwarding life, a business person doesn’t have this much of time and patience to see the result of their investments.

So, PPC or Google Ads exists here which required only 10 minutes every day to audit & manage your campaigns. If you want to promote any short time offers or just arrived product, you can go with PPC Google AdWords to grab the audience in a few hours only. You don’t need to depend on Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimizations anymore.

6. Multiple Options to Target Your Potential Customers

As the google ads tool have many options to target your customers followed by CPC & other bidding modules, you can utilise it and achieve up to 10x ROI.

The Google AdWords allows you to set up the following campaigns: –

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. Shopping Ads
  5. Mobile Ads
  6. Remarketing

7. Follow the trend to be trendy

Change your marketing strategy with the trend to get more customers for your business. In today’s competitive market, 70% of the global business persons have opted to promote their business using Google Advertising platform and simultaneously planning to increase their advertising budget every year.

We would recommend you to take a 7-days trial of google advertising services and then based on performance, you can decide to make the further advertising plans.

8. Hire a PPC Expert for Proper Branding & Lead Generation for Your Business

It’s easy to create the Google Ads Campaign but hard to optimize & audit it for better returns. You can ruin your 90% of the advertising budget if you don’t create a working campaign strategy. Learn more google adwords latest updates 2019 here to play smartly with your budget.

A skilled PPC Advertising Agency or Expert can help you to maximize your revenue by spending less budget on paid advertising. You can freely ask our advertising experts for any help.

Hope you just learned few new things from this blog. Your response will inspire me to share more knowledge with you using my experience and skill. So please like, share & leave your comment below. You can also Contact Us for any query or services such as Google Ads or Content Writing.

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