How Google Search Ads is Beneficial for Your Business

Welcome to Mithvin’s Blog. Would like to share you some points which will open the options for taking a fare decision to use Google AdWords Search Ads features for your business.

Let’s start with the introduction and then understand the value and benefits of using Google Advertising Services for your small or big business.

What is Google?

The Google is the world’s biggest Search Engine Platform which also provides a dozen of other services to make a hassle-free digital life for us. A few popular services being provided by Google are; Gmail, G Drive, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, YouTube Videos & Google Photos.

What is Google AdWords?

Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising tool by which you can target the audience to show your business information in multiple ways. Google has their own audience database to whom you can target by their location, gender, interest, age, devices and more.

What is Google Search Ads?

Google Search Ads is a part of Online Advertising Techniques where you can show your ads to those audiences who are looking for the product or services which are relevant to your business. The Search Ads appear on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If your designed ad copy and the targeted keywords inside the campaigns will be matched with the user’s query, your ad will appear on the Google SERP.

Are there any other types of Google Ads?

Yes! Google Ads includes the following types of paid advertising apart from the Search Ads: –

1. Display Advertising
2. Shopping Ads
3. Video Ads
4. Email Ads
5. App Installation Ads
6. Call Only Ads

How does Google Search Ads Work?

Search Ads displays on the first 3 positions and the bottom 4 position on the Search Engine Result Page. The ads reflect when a person is sicking for the information by entering some keywords which are also matching with the listed keywords inside the Search Ads Campaigns.

When a user sees the ads and clicks on it, google charge the rate for each click and the click cost is known as PPC (Pay per click). Just after clicking on any of the shown ads, users will be redirected to the landing page provided by the business owner inside the campaign. The rate of PPC depends on the popularity, location and other variants of the keywords.

Google Search Ads Market Growth Data

  • Google itself has 71% of the Market share for Search Ads
  • 98% of the user go with the 1st result shown on the SERP
  • Google top 3 ads only get around 40% of the total clicks done by users.
  • 70% of the Mobile users connect with the business directly after watching their ads on the search page
  • More than 95% of the revenue, Google earns from online advertising.
google adwords latest updates 2019

What is the average Return on Spend of using Google Advertising Services?

Business Growth using Google Search Ads

In comparison to other advertising techniques, Google Ads can grantee to give you at least 2x of ROI after following a good strategy. And you can get the returns of 10X or higher for your business if you create and run the perfect campaigns.

Top 18 benefits of adopting Google Ads for your Business Marketing: –

Social Media Marketing

1] Reach to the high potential customers using Google Search Ads

When you run the search ads campaign and target the performing keywords inside it, there are higher chances to get the relevant client for your business. Because Search Ads is a kind of inbound marketing when users find you to fulfil their requirements.

That’s why, when the people type something related to your business, inside the search bar of google SERP, they can see your ads and click on it to reach you.

2] Get Leads at a lower rate than other marketing techniques

If you want to collect leads for approaching new customers, it’s a good idea to adopt Google Search Ads where people will provide you with their contact information by their own interest. And the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) would be less than other marketing platforms.

3] The best place to drive traffic to your website

You have just launched your new website and want some relevant traffic over there, Search Ads will perform better for the same and you will be charged less amount too for driving the traffic to your website.

4] Flexible with budget

In Online Advertising, the budget management is flexible and it is totally in your hand. With comparison to traditional marketing, Google Advertising is more effective and flexible in terms of spending the budget. It won’t charge the monthly budget at a time. You can upload a small budget in account wallet and then google will charge for each Pay per click one by one. Whereas in Traditional Marketing, you get charged a full amount at a time to show your advertisement on TV, News Paper or other platforms.

5] Terms & Policies to prevent the spammers

Congratulations! if you are working inside the white hat business niche. Because Google won’t allow running the ads for the businesses involved in gambling, porn, drugs and more.

6] Show a single ad for multiple keywords in Google Search Ads

Hope, you are aware of the use of keywords inside the SEO Techniques. You can focus on limited keywords only to optimize your website for google SERP. But it is not applied with the Google Ads. In Search Ads, you can target up to 5 Million of keywords inside your account. It’s an awesome option available inside the tool and you can get the benefits of it to compete with your competitors by playing smartly with your budget.

7] Show your Ads on top position by achieving Higher Ad Rank Score

After launching the campaigns, you need to audit and optimize it time-to-time. If everything would be fine, you will get a higher Ad Rank Score which will help you to show your ads on the top position of the SERP by paying lower CPC.

8] Get Quick Result by using Google Search Ads

In SEO or other organic optimization technique, you will have to wait for a couple of months at least to get some result. Whereas, in Google Advertising, you can get a good result just after the second hours of launching the campaigns.

9] Reach Local & Global audience at a time

You can target N numbers of locations world-wide by creating separate campaigns. You can also target the local customers by setting the range like 1 KM, 2KM, 5KM etc.

It’s useful for small B2B & B2C business types. It is also helpful for big businesses as well.

10] Show your Business Location, Contact Numbers and more details

With the help of ad extensions, you can add your more business details inside the ad copies. The information will increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and may decrease your cost per click.

11] Split testing helps you to perform better & earn maximum revenue

Split testing also known as A/B testing, Alpha-Beta testing. It helps you to further optimize your campaigns and maximize your returns on investment.

Google Advertising Experts recommend you to create multiple campaigns, ad group, ad copies and more. You should also create multiple landing pages for a local and global audience. You can test and try by creating copies on multiple levels which will help you understand, what’s performing better and where you need to improve more.

You can try the Split testing for: –

Ad copies for Google Search Ads
  • Ad Copies
  • Headlines
  • Display URLs
  • Call to Action Words
  • Ad Extensions
  • Gender Targeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Schedule your ad for different timings

12] Prevent your budget from unwanted clicks by using Keyword types

Google ads allow you to organize the keyword list by segregating it into 5 different keyword categories:

  1. Broad Match
  2. Phrase Match
  3. Exact Match
  4. Broad Match Modifier
  5. Negative Keywords

By using the keyword types properly, you will save your extra spending budget and utilize it on some performing keywords.

Read more in details about Google Ads Keywords.

13] Target Mobile Users on the go

Nowadays, most of the people are spending their one-third time every day on mobile to read the news, social sharing, YouTube video watching, playing games and in other activities. This is an opportunity for you to approach them to see your business information during their favourite activities being performed on mobile phones and tablets.

14] Track the performance on multiple levels

There is a benefit of advertising online that you can track the performance on multiple scales. Few of the tracking results include; –

Add Some Quizzes & Poles for On Page SEO

15] Run Multiple Ads at a time when using Google Search Ads

If you have a good budget to spend on advertising, you can target the likeminded people for multiple products or services at a time on different-different locations, device, gender and more.

For example, you can create the following campaigns if you are providing website design services:-

  • Web Design Service in Delhi
  • Website Development for your Small Business
  • Web Designing Services for NGO
  • Online software development for MLM Business
  • Website Designing for Wedding Planner Business
  • Web Design Services for Freelancers

16] Outrank the SEO Results with Google Search Ads

It’s hard to compete with your nearest competitors by following the SEO techniques. But you will be wondered to know that Google Ads will word as magic to show your brand at the top of the SERP page targeted by the keywords. Where SEO takes at list 2 months to bring your site ranking on the to, the google search ads will work quickly can bid your competitors within a day. Don’t you feel, it’s magic.

17] Payless to retarget the customers

Based on your collected data, you can approach the same audience under remarketing technique. You can offer them some seasonal discounts on your services or products. The Remarketing campaign will cost you very less than the general fresh approaching ad campaigns.

18] Ad position won’t heart you due to SEO Updates

As the SEO and Paid Advertising, both are the different methods to market your business, they won’t affect each other. You don’t need to worry about the next Google search algorithm updates. It won’t hamper your PPC Ads position.

Hope you just learned few new things from this blog. Your response will inspire me to share more knowledge with you using my experience and skill. So please like, share & leave your comment below. You can also Contact Us for any query or services such as Google Ads or Content Writing.

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