Top 11 Things To Ask Your Copywriter Before Getting SEO Article Writing Service

What could be the toughest part of Content Marketing? It’s the Content itself, the hardest thing to get is good relevant content which attracts more and more traffic. In fact, Article Writing or Copywriting may seem a very easy task but actually, it isn’t. It’s the key part of the business and to hire someone who has expertise in SEO Article Writing Service or SEO Content Writing Services is quite challenging for the HR executives.

Now the basic requirements for the right candidates are mainly someone who can provide content that is written for the company’s needs and is SEO optimized. So that your site gets more traffic as better optimization would lead to better ranking in search engines. 

The difference between an amateur and a professional content writer’s article is that the professional Article Writings are much more persuasive and easier to understand, apart from these professional writers hold more expertise in SEO Article Writing Services or SEO Content Writing Services, which is very important for the company. The professional writers got the ability to compel the audiences to take action through their writing only.

To find the right person, HR executives or the client often ask various questions to test their ability. Below given 11 questions are very helpful to check if the candidate is efficient enough to handle the job and fulfill the requirements for the quality articles or not.

Top 11 things to ask your Professional Content Writer

1] Are you familiar with this industry?

A skilled copywriter can always research to gather knowledge about your industry. But if the person already has an understanding of your industry then he or she is always better than someone with quick research. But the problem is if that candidate has worked for rival companies in the same industry then it might not be the safest and smartest idea to hire that person as it might create conflicts and professional issues in near future.

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2]  Can you write in someone else’s voice?

A good content writer is someone who keeps their own emotions aside in professional tasks and writes any topic which is given to them, irrespective of the fact that he or she might not agree with the article but if people are interested to read about that particular thing, then it’s his or her job to provide the quality content regarding that topic. Unless any fake propaganda or false info is being shared, professional content writers usually never complain. 

3] What types of content have you created before?

The freshly graduate candidates are often come with little or no writing experience so their answers are not that important for this particular question but if this same question is being asked to some experienced content writers, and if their previous writings are any similar and could be used as references for their new job then the candidates become more efficient than others, which is a very good sign and beneficial for the hiring company.

4] What sources do you use to enhance your copywriting knowledge?

No candidate could know about every topic they are given, so if that person already has the practice of reading and researching to gather knowledge, then it is a very good sign of an efficient content writer. This skill is mainly important for freshers because those experiences writers already have the practice of research. 

5]  Are you comfortable writing in various styles?

Not only writing someone else’s opinion but being able to write about various things in various tones is one quite hard skill to master. If one writer tends to have one single style for every given article, then after some time people will easily assume the pattern and the writings would not be able to create any hype as it would be highly predictable.

6] Will you complete a writing assignment? 

A writing assignment is a very good way to check someone’s ability but it shouldn’t be like they are given 30 minutes to finish, candidates must be provided a day to research and write. 

7] Do you have a basic understanding of human psychology and emotional needs?

A great article writing skill is being able to understand the current mental state of the target audience and deliver something they can relate and emotionally connect. Having basic knowledge about these topics are very crucial for writers. 

8]  Are you aware about the latest trends?

Being aware of the latest trends and popular headlines are not so hard in this era of the internet but this simple thing has the power to attract a huge audience to particular content and even it could make an article go viral very easily, so this skill to is very important for new-gen writers.

9] Have you any idea about SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very important factor in a good article. Someone who knows SEO Article Writing Service, SEO Content Writing Services can easily target much more audience through their Article Writing than someone with better content and poor SEO, so basically this thing plays the biggest role which determines the performance of an Article.

10] Are you comfortable to follow specific instructions while writing?

One good content writer should always have that flexible writing pattern so that he or she can easily follow any given instructions while writing, it helps them be very versatile with their writing.

11] Have you worked under tight deadlines?

Being able to finish the job under tight deadlines is a very crucial instance of professionalism and someone who can easily handle the pressure is always a few steps ahead than the completion.

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