Market Of Content Writing Services During COVID -19 Pandemic

Market Of Content Writing Services During COVID -19 Pandemic

The best content writing services or the practice of SEO article writings surfaced on the internet in the early 1990s. When the trend of internet services or Digital Marketing Services was taking over the market, the practice of writing content soon gained a huge marketplace and has been among one of the most prosperous filed out there.

In the 21st Century when the world is considered a global village, it is not very uncommon for people to opt for online services over old mechanical or physical services. Due to this practice, the field of content marketing has seen a huge increment in the audience and is rapidly growing as we speak.

History & Importance Of Content & Article Writing

When the practice of journalism started in India in the year 1780, people did not fully understand the power and need of the articles. It was not until 1818 when people of India finally understood that journalism is an important part of the paradigm of society and can be the greatest arsenal against the rule of the British.

In the 21st century, content writing is as important as journalism which is also considered as the fourth pillar of democracy as content marketing also helps people to be informed, awarded, educated, and entertained.

Article writing is also responsible for shaping the minds of the people who read the blogs and they invoke a sense of thought and a sense of opinion among its readers.

A great way of advertisement in the 21st century is through the internet and here again, the practice of quality article or content writing triumphs over the old and primitive way of advertisements such as paper pamphlets and magazine ads.

Role Of Content Marketing In SEO Industry

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process by which the quality and quantity of a particular search are made using a search engine platform such as Google or Bing. In a simpler context, imagine a room full of paper that is not sorted and someone wants to find a particular page in that pile of unsorted pages, it will be inefficient and time-consuming.

While if someone is asking to find a page inside a book, it will be much simpler and much more efficient. Consider the unsorted pages as a search and what SEO does, is, compile them, sort them in order, and help the user to jump to a specific page or in this context, a search.

Similarly, being the best SEO article writing service provider, an individual or the content marketing agency is responsible to create a well-researched, properly formatted article. Whereas, using the topic-related keywords in a proper proportion is the key that makes a piece of the article the most readable and hence invites the search engine bots to index it faster after understanding the information quickly.

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Types Of Content Writing/ Writers

Market Of Content Writing Services During COVID -19 Pandemic

Many types of content writers out there, some are a professional content writing agencies while others are freelance content writers. An individual professional content writer or freelance writer is usually a person who is either hired by a website or owns his or her own site or blog which helps them to connect to the world in the fastest and efficient way.

10 Most Demanded Best Content Writing Services

  1. Digital Content Writer
  2. Seo Article Writing Service
  3. Marketing Content Writer
  4. Blog Writers
  5. Copywriter
  6. I Writer
  7. Technical Writer
  8. News Writer
  9. Website Content Writer
  10. Problogger

The power of the internet has made it possible for people to stay connected and reach other people in a way that was not possible before the advent of the internet.

It is estimated that around 59% of the world population was actively using the internet by April 2020 consisting of 4.57 billion people.

How Does Seo Rely On Content Writing Services?

The Way Content writing services help SEO is not rocket science. SEO performer takes the specific keywords in a Content while a search takes place and judging by the content’s keywords and the compatibility of the search. The search results may take the user to the website where the content is presented. SEO thus helps an optimized article to reach the target audience by simplifying search results.


A user may type in “best content writing services” in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and then the search engine thereby may look for results or information over the internet containing the word “content writing services”.

If there is an article, which contains the exact or similar words like “writing services”, “freelance SEO content writer”, “best content writers”, etc., then the search bots will include that particular article in the final results.

Impact Of Covid-19 In Content Marketing Niches

The recent outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus has completely crumbled the very social fabric of a human’s life. All sectors including non-profit organizations have been tremendously affected by the outbreak. Even Content Writing Services have been forced to rely on different strategies to survive and overcome their losses.

Due to the outbreak, contents, which are not related to Covid-19, have lost their individual importance and thereby many socio-political issues remained undiscussed and were overshadowed by the outbreak and its effect.

As people were more concerned about Covid-19, many important issues, such as economic breakdowns, law and order, and other mildly entertaining content have lost their value.

Amidst the socio-economic disruptions caused by Covid-19, the human race is simultaneously also learning to adapt to the newly emerging system and process. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, all schools, colleges, churches, theatres, movie halls, and other places of amusement and lodge meeting are partially or fully closed.

So, in the meantime, people express and engaged themselves with the internet community.

A doctor at a COVID -19 hospital said, almost all patients, he has been treating, spent most of the time watching movies or web series on live-streaming platforms. That was one way to keep negative thoughts away. No one is allowed to meet them during recuperation but a mobile phone allows them to read news, watch movies, writing articles.

The Pandemic Has Two Impacts; Positive As Well As Negative

During the quarantine period, people find a way to express themselves by their creativity of freelance content writing, poetry writing, and reading stories. Because of the upliftment of the internet community, creative-minded people are making their own blogs or YouTube channels to express their thoughts.

Wattpad is an online storytelling community for writers and readers to share entertaining content such as articles, stories, poems, and more.

Let you know that the headquarter of Wattpad is in Toronto but it is got good love from the worldwide users to spend quality time to enhance their skills in their free time. During this pandemic, the number of users of Wattpad has been increased by 25% in India. And the readers of Wattpad have been increased by 30% during 35 days. The Wattpad have shared more than 4 million stories so far and showing their creativity in the world.

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However, as a negative impact, the people are spending their time doing nothing. Being in quarantine, they don’t have any ideas to improvise their learning or open the new way of earning. Due to that, the time is killing them silently due to going through anxiety, mental disorder, and another headache.

How The Best Content Writing Services Or Writing Professionals Are Helping The Brands During This World Pandemic?

Content marketing agencies are increasing activity to the entrepreneurs, bloggers, and YouTubers with the help of written communication. Also, because they have an opportunity for brands to connect with people. Active Brand currently includes those who are focusing on essential services like immunity booster products, sanitization, healthcare, and more.

In this COVID-19 pandemic, people can’t shoot outdoors for any kind of brand advertisement. So the dependency on writing content & marketing agency is much higher than ever.

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Challenges For Writers And Website Owners During Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the lack of time to create content for a business owner, it is very hard to find talented people in these times. On top of that, the most challenging thing is to work within a budget.

There are different types of professional content writers you can find in the online market around the globe. Such as Blog writers, Brand Journalists, Copywriters, Technical Writer, Social media Writer, scriptwriters, and more. Every writer specializes in different areas; they have unique skills and experiences as well on the table.

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The content writers get enough time to show their creativity during the quarantine period. A freelance or fresher content marketer has enough time to improve their skills.

Suppose a Scriptwriter can make a concept over the situation and they can prominent the loopholes of our society and make highlight about proletariat people. We can acknowledge the real form of the world full of splendor by making a film on the Covid-19 crisis period. Moreover, the impact is to awaken our consciousness.

We all are grateful to all these hardcore freelance content writer for delivering the real news and other infotainment stuff to us and giving us positive vibes in this negative situation.

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Negative Impact Of Corona Pandemic In Content Marketing Industry

There is some negative aspect of COVID- 19 as well which makes a negative impact on content writing services. Like many of them, professional Content Writers lost their job because of a huge breakdown of the economic structure of our country. So many companies are unable to pay due to remuneration.

And it’s very sad that many professional content writers lost their hope and lost their creativity in writing articlesas welland going into depression.

Other Impacts Include –

  • Lack of people willing to write
  • Loss of audience
  • Financial Breakdown
  • Limited Resources under budget
  • Companies are switching from print media to digital platforms


Content Writingis the pillar of our internet world and content writing agency is responsible for creating opinions and entertaining the masses. The outbreak has tremendously affected practice as it has affected other sectors as well. Also, it is responsible for a huge setback in the sector.

May we can get out of this COVID-19 pandemic very soon.

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