How to Use Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) in Google Ads?

Google Dynamic Search Ads

What is Dynamic Search Ads?

The website which has a large number of pages or a shopping website, who wants to run search ads then it’s hard to target thousands of keywords for these kinds of website. So we use Dynamic search Ads where we don’t need to add the keywords in the campaign because it automatically shows the ads on the queries which are relevant to our website contents. Also, it’s helpful for creating quick campaigns in a short time.

Google Dynamic Search Ads

How many types of targeting or Auto Targets are there in DSA?

  1. Title Based Targeting: Create unique titles for each page available on your website
  2. URL Based Targeting: You need to provide URL of those pages for which you want to show your ads
  3. Content-Based Targeting: We can target the keywords
  4. All Pages

How to create a setup of a Dynamic Search Ads Campaign?

  1. Go to campaign>> + >> Choose “Search Network Only” & check the radio button “Dynamic Search Ads” also rename the Campaign Name
  2. Scroll down >> set manual bid as per your budget >> provide your root domain name under advanced settings >> rest all settings will be normal as per the preferred campaign setups. Now Save & Continue.
  3. Ad group setup page will be opened >> rename the Ad Group name >> Now add Description 1, Description 2 and Display URL. Rest all info will be automatically fetched by Google
  4. Check All Pages as Auto Targets option if you want to run ads for all the existing page on your website >> Assign the value for default bid>> Save Ad Group
  5. It will be landed to autotargets section. If you want to customize the options then click on + >> choose your required category >> provide the details >> Save.

Some keynotes of Dynamic Search Ads

  • We don’t use KWs in DSA despite we provide web URLs and Google automatically choose the page to show on the basis of the user query.
  • Mostly it shows the highly relevant result in search.
  • To maintain the quality score since the beginning, you need to work on bids. If everything is fine and your bid is also higher than your competitors, it will maintain the CTR and they will perform well.
  • Your website’s content should be optimized properly for getting better result through DSA.
  • Headlines & Landing Pages automatically get filled by Google in DSA
  • In DSA, Sitelink Extension won’t work. Because we need to provide landing page in Sitelink Extension but in DSA, Google Automatically generate the same.
  • As per google rule, DSA works only on those websites which have at least 100 pages. But as per my experiences, sometimes it also works for less than 50 pages website.

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