Top 39 Google AdWords Advertising Statistics 2019

Statistics on Advertising Effectiveness using Google Ads Services?

There are number of options available online to promote your business on digital world. Read the below Google Adwords Statistics 2019 data collected from the multiple surveys done in previous year.

You would be wondered to know that how Google Ads can help you to achieve 200% of ROI.

  1. Google Ads get 50% higher conversion than organic traffic.
  2. 1.2 Million businesses are being advertised on Google.
  3. 4 Billions of search queries get received by Google, every day.
  4. 160 Billion+ monthly queries on Google SERP.
  5. 2 Million+ websites are using Google AdSense.
  6. 3 Lacs Mobile Apps are serving Google Mobile Ads.
  7. 95% clicks come from first 3 Ads of SERP.
  8. The first position ads get an average of 7.94% click-through-rate (CTR).
  9. Over 4 million stores have been found and visits using Google Search Ad Networks.
  10. As per Google data, 51 % of searches are longer than 4 words.
  11. The display ads get an average of 0.06% click-through-rate (CTR) combining all formats and ad placements.
  12. 40% of store purchases start from online search.
  13. 36% of Google Searches includes locations.
  14. 80% of brand awareness can be boosted with Google Ads.
  15. 78% of mobile search converted to offline purchase.
  16. 80% of Global Internet Users see the Display Ads.
  17. Video Ads get 27 times more clicks than standard banner ads.
  18. 71% of search engine market has been controlled by Google.
  19. 75% of user says ads are easier to find relevant information.
  20. 60 % of consumers click on mobile ads once in a week.
  21. 52% of users contact to business advertiser just after clicking the ads.
  22. 29% of consumers are searching for local business weekly.
  23. 49% of smartphone users click on Google Ads.
  24. 65% of in-market users clicks on Google Ads while purchasing.
  25. 50% of Internet users can’t differentiate between paid ads & organic result.
  26. 90 % of internet users trust the business reviews.
  27. 86% of foreigners use the google search engine to find local businesses.
  28. Business Advertisers get an average of $2 on spending $1.
  29. Business Advertisers get an average of 200% ROI through Google Ads.
  30. Business owners are spending 51% of their marketing budget on PPC Advertising.
  31. 72% of business giants will increase their ad spend budget in 2019.
  32. The maximum of $135.17 CPA has been recorded for the Legal industry so far.
  33. Maximum of $55 Cost Per Click of a keyword has been recorded for the insurance sector.
  34. The average of $59.18 Cost Per Acquisition can be costed for Google AdWords Search ads.
  35. The average of $60.76 Cost Per Acquisition has been recorded for Google AdWords Display ads.
  36. Maximum of $6.91 Cost Per Action has been recorded for the Dating and Personals industries.
  37. The most expansive keyword “best mesthelima lawyer” has $935.71 Cost-Per-Click (CPC).
  38. Google revenue from paid advertisers is growing 21% yearly.
  39. Facebook earns 87 % of advertising revenue from smartphone users.

All the Google Adwords Statistics given above, has been taken from the authentic websites to provide you the real data.

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