How to Use Google Ads Customizer in Search Ads

How to Use Google Ads Customizer in Search Ads

What is Ad Customizer in Google Ads

How to Use Google Ads Customizer in Search Ads

Ad Customizer is a technique where we can create a single ad copy and then without editing it directly, we can make bulk changes on the basis of locations and all inside Google Ads Campaign. Do remember, Ad Customizer works on Search Ads only and we can make any changes in live ads too without losing our ad history.

Benefits of Using Ad Customizer?

  1. Ad relevancy will be maintained which helps in getting higher Quality Score while running Google Adwords Campaign.
  2. It will help you to provide a better Ad position because Google will automatically fetch the information as per queried by the user on the basis of your provided feeds.
  3. It will help to improve Ad Rank at lower CPC because Google will automatically fetch & show the most relevant data to the user

How to create Ad Copies using Ad Customizer?

STEP 1 : Open an excel file in your computer>> Add all those variables you want to make changes as per their locations >> save the file followed by .CSV or Comma Delimited format, else it won’t work.

Ad Customizer Feed Creation in Excel

STEP 2 : Go to tools >> Setup >> Business Data >> + >> Ad Customizer Data

Upload Ad Customizer in Google Ads Account

STEP 3 : Provide a name for your reference >> browse your created excel file >> Upload and Preview to complete the steps by getting notifications if there are any >> Apply Changes.

Upload Ad Customizer in Google Ads Account

STEP 4 : Refresh your page to see the list

STEP 5 : Now go to campaign >> Ad Group >> Ads >> + >> Text Ad >> Now follow the process starting with { braces in Headline. It will automatically show you a further option to choose.

How to use Ad Customizer for Targeted Locations?

To do so, open an excel file and then create a column namely “location”. Now create other columns to put your variable inputs. The remaining process is the same as per the above steps.

Use Ad Customizer for locations

How to use Ad Customizer on keywords level?

The same way like location, you can create an excel file and then put your variables and then upload it by following the steps given above.

Why my Ad Customizer is not running?

There might be several reasons but the frequent errors occur if our syntax is wrong in the ad copy. As per the Google update, if you are running an ad customizer then you must create a simple text ad copy too along with the customizer copy else your ad will not run.

To avoid creating another ad copy you can follow the below syntax too for resolving this issue:-

Headline 1 : {=ChooseCustomizerFile.Headline 1 Column : The secondary headline text }
e.g. Headline 1 : {=mithvin_variable_Text.Headline1:Contact Now for Free PPC Audits}

For more details about Ad Customizer please visit the Google Official Page.

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