How to Use Google Ads Editor Tool like a Pro?

What is Google Ads Editor?

Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords) Editor is an easy tool to perform the bulk task inside your ads account. It is similar to using MS Excel. There are multiple features inside AdWords Editor which help you to make huge changes on a few clicks only such as; replacing a text, create a duplicate campaign or ad copies, add targeted URL & more.

Benefits of using Google Editor for your Advertising Campaigns?

  • Time-Saving Tool
  • Work offline & then publish the changes once you get connected with the internet.
  • Easy copy-paste feature
  • Append and Replace text
  • Quickly make changes on multiple levels
  • Bulk delete the campaigns, ad groups or ad copies
  • Create duplicate copies easily
  • And much more…

How to Download & Install the Google Ads Editor Tool?

Google AdWords Download & Installation Guide

  • Click the downloaded setup & follow the further on-screen Installation process

6 Easy Steps to Use Google Ads Editor Tool?

  1. Review your Editor Settings
  2. Download one or more accounts in which you want to make changes
  3. Make changes inside the account(s)
  4. Share changes (optional) with your colleagues by importing in .AES file format
  5. Cross-check the changes before posting the recent changes to live account, good habit to prevent errors.
  6. Post changes to apply on live account(s).

1. How to add a new Account in Google Ads Editor

  • Open the Editor
  • Navigate to the “Add” section and then click on it.

  • It will ask you to open Sign-In into your Google Account.
    Click to “Open Browser To Sign In” for login into your account.

  • After a successful login, it will ask for an Authentication Code.
    Get it on the new page opened in the browser, just given after your login.

  • Copy the code & paste it at the asked place & then click OK to move ahead.
  • After successfully verifying the account followed by the authentication code, it will start downloading the basic information of all accounts inside your logged-in user id.

  • Further, you can choose the accounts or Client Manager Account (Formerly known as MCC) & click OK to start downloading into your PC/ Laptop.

2. Google Ads Editor Tool – Downloading Account in Desktop/ Laptop

  • After completing the process, if you want, you can choose the single account to open the details.
  • You can also find the accounts searching by it’s Name or customer ID.

  • After getting your Account, click to Download

  • You can also download the same by doing Right Click on the selected account.

  • The Downloading process is being in queue. Meanwhile, you can also choose another account (s) to download at the same time.

  • This is the screen you will get just after downloading the account(s).

  • Now you can navigate to all tabs, given almost similar to Google Adwords Online Panel.
    You can see the followings under Manage section campaigns
    • AdGroups
    • Keywords
    • Ads
    • Ad Extensions
    • Shared Library
    • & many more…

3. Google Ads Editor Tool – Campaign Update

  • Go through the Add Campaign to add a new one
  • You can see the following section inside this panel:-
    • Campaigns Name
    • Budget
    • Status
    • Targeting Audience
    • Bid Strategy & More

4. Google Ads Editor Tool – Updates Inside Campaign

  • One-by-one you can go through
    • AdGroup
    • Targeting
    • Ad Copies
    • Shared Library
    • And a lot more…

5. Google Ads Editor Tool – Ad Copies Update

  • You can make bulk changes on all levels including Ad Copies, Adgroup, Campaign, Budget & almost everything like as an online panel.

6. Google Ads Editor Tool – Changes using Shared Library

  • Use Shared Library to apply Extensions & other content in a bulk

7. Google Ads Editor Tool – Bulk Update with the help of MS Excel

  • Copy the Existing Data & Paste it in an Excel Sheet

  • Now go to your Excel Sheet>> Make required changes>> Copy as it is

  • Navigate to the Editors Account >> Import >> Paste Text

  • Shortkeys: Ctrl+Shift+I or Shortkeys: Alt+A+I+P
  • Now simply paste the copied content from excel into this panel & Proceed

  • It will automatically fetch the Columns name too.

8. Google Ads Editor Tool – Custom Settings

  • By default, the location is set as “United State
  • The default language is English
  • Make sure to customize the default settings as per your requirements

9. Google Ads Editor Tool – Change Text Capitalization

  • To make changes>> Select the content you want to change case
  • Go to Edit>> Change Capitalization. Or use Shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+H.

  • A pop-up will open. Choose the field to make changes to take further action.
  • Now choose the option Change Capitalization To>> Title Case/ Sentence Case/ Lower Case

  • After the basic setup>> Click to Change capitalization

10. Google Ads Editor Tool – Append Text to Selected Items

  • Select the text you want to Append
  • Go to the dropdown menu given beside replace text and click on Append Text or use short key Ctrl+shift+H after selection

  • Now add the text you want to append with

  • Choose where to add, before or after the existing text Append

11. Google Ads Editor Tool Formula Words – To Save Your Max. Possible Time

  • Frequently Used AdWords Formula Words in Replace Text Tool
  • List of few popular Formula Words
    • [account] – Account name
    • [campaign] – Campaign name
    • [adgroup] – Ad group name
    • [keyword] – Keyword text
    • [headline] – Ad headline
    • [description1] – Ad description line 1
    • [description2] – Ad description line 2
    • [displayUrl] – Display URL text
    • [finalURL] – Final URL text
    • [field] – The original text of the field you’re changing
  • Ref.:

Example 1 of using Replace feature:  To update Keywords with AdGroup Names

Example 2 of using Replace feature: To update Ad Headline with the combination of Campaign & AdGroup Names

12. Google Ads Editor Tool – Common Keyboard Shortcuts | Shortkeys

NOTE: Before using the short-keys, you need to turn this feature on or off within Tools > Settings

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