Know the Differences between Google Ads and Bing Ads

DIY Google Adwords Blog
DIY Google Adwords Blog

Adwords Definitions

Adwords is an advertising service offered by the search engine aims to enhance the business by displaying the business ads on the search page and associated platforms. Adwords basically works on the keywords, whenever any user search with the keywords and if the same matches with the business keywords, then ads will be displayed on the top of the page and clicking on the same will direct the user to the websites associated with the business. In this entire scenario, the search engine charges the money from the business owner on every click done by the user on the particular ads.

What is google adwords

Categorization of Adwords

The Adwords are categorized into three parts and they are; broad match, negative match, and phrase match.

Broad match:  This is highly effective and gives the best output. Whenever your keyword is searched, the search engine will display ads.

Negative match: Search engine won’t display the ads on the searched keywords or phrases.

Phrase match: if any users search for a phrase, then your ads will be displayed.

In the Digital world, there are various search engines but the tough competition is in between Google Adwords and Bing Adwords. Both are effective, but they do have a lot of differences.

Here, you will get the brief information of Google Adwords, Bing Adwords and their pros and cons. Let’s begin with the Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords & why to use Google Ads?

If you have gone through the above stanzas, then you may get the answer to the latter question, but revise the same again. Adwords are basically used to enhance the business and to bring lots of audiences in your websites. Now, time to focus on Google Adwords, because it is one of the most demanding search engines and worldwide users are accessing the same to fetch the information. So, it is an ideal stop to promote the business in the digital world. Now you may ponder, exactly what is Google Adwords? Well, the answer is quite simple and the same is listed beneath.

Google Adwords: An advertising services offered by the Google to promote the business. As per the recent report, this is the major revenue generating platform of the Google and the best part is; it gives an effective output.

What is Bing Ads?

What is Bing Ads

Growing your small business through an Advertisement on search engine is one of the perfect ways to get your customers attraction towards your business. Like other people, you will surely think about Google for advertising. But there is another option available called Bing Ads.

Bing Ads is one of the fastest and reliable ways to increase traffic to your website for your business. Whenever people see your ads and click on it, then it will redirect them to your website. Here people can easily request for a service or product, sign up and much more.

Pros of Bing Ads:

Google Ads vs Bing Ads
  • The account setup procedure is very simple in Bing Ads, it will allow the users to make their most important The process is easy to setup, as Bing Ads have a feature that allow users to make important movement straightforwardly from Adwords through adCenter Desktop tool.
  • The cost of per click (CPC) is very cheap as compared to another Adwords program. The CPC is 60% lower in Bing Ads as than Google Adwords. That means you can afford more clicks in a minimum cost.
  • Bing Ads proffer Display Network feature that allows you to run various campaigns across the Microsoft and Yahoo display networks. This program is absolutely free of cost.
  • A large number of extensions are provided by the Bing Ads that helps to improve your PPC ad visibility and help you to connect to your customers in a very simple way.

Cons of Bing Ads:

  • There is lower click-through rate of Bing Ads as compared to Google Adwords. People highly choose Google Adwords instead of Bing Ads because most of the people choose Google services.
  • The availability of Bing Ads only available in 20 countries while Google Adwords is almost available in all countries that make users to think before chooses Bing Ads.
  • Instead of keyword research tool, negative keyword and broad match; the traffic rate is very low on Bing. So people avoid using Bing Ads platform for advertising.
  • Bing Ads has very lesser share market worldwide as compared to Google Adwords. Users always go through increasing market value that why they don’t try Bind Ads.

Pros of Google Adwords:

  • Google Adwords proffer cost effective plans to the users. You can set your ads budget from minimum $10 to maximum $5000 per day. You only pay if someone clicked on your ads.
  • Google Adwords has high click-through rate that will increase more traffic to your website and help to show your Ads on various channels.
  • More than 40+ language options are available in Google Adwords for campaign targeting and you can also choose specific hours during the advertising.
  • Google Adwords is also measurable; as it proffers various marketing campaign such as cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), click through rate (CTR) and much more. These plans help to measurement your rate of investment.

Cons of Google Adwords:

  • Huge features which may confused you if you aren’t familiar with it’s setting
  • If you are not careful about budget management, then your cost can be vanished in a very short time
  • If you are a newish advertiser, then it need to learn creating campaign before starting the Ads. If you run ads without a proper management, you will not get good conversion ratio
  • Huge no. of options available to optimize your ads for better conversion. This is a Pros & a Cons of Google Adwords, because either it will help you to maximize higher ROI or will ruin your budget quickly
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My personal favourite is Google Adwords, because it’s give me a large number of custom feature to optimize almost the thing within campaigns. Even, it’s allow me to set the followings things in my way:-

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