Top 75 PPC Interview Questions for Experienced & Freshers

Google Ads (PPC) Interview Questions For FRESHER's & EXPERIENCED

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Google Adwords Interview Questions 2019 for Freshers & Experienced

Google Ads (PPC) Interview Questions For FRESHER's & EXPERIENCED

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Here is the collection of top 75 PPC or Google Ads PPC Interview Questions 2019 which is being asked by the interviewers. And I can assure you for at least 60% of the SEM Questions they might ask from this list. So be ready to crack the interview by solving these all Search Engine Marketing SEM Interview Questions. And then write your comments after coming from the interview.

List of Frequently Asked PPC Interview Questions On Google Adwords 2019 for Freshers & Experienced

  1. What is Google Adwords or What is PPC or What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

  2. Why should we use Google Ads? or Why do Google Ads important to our business?

  3. How does Google Adwords work?

  4. What is the Ad Approval process of Google Ads?

  5. Are there any differences between Internet Marketing, PPC Marketing, Google Ads & Search Engine Marketing?

  6. What are the Types of PPC Campaign & the Types of Ad Networks in Google Ads

  7. What is Adwords Editor & why should we use it?

  8. What is Adwords Express? & Benefits of using Adwords Express.

  9. What are some PPC tools you have used?

  10. What are the billing strategies?

  11. What is Google Ads Account Structure?

  12. What is My Client Center or MCC in Google Ads?

  13. What is Merchant Account in Google Ads?

  14. What is Campaign Management?

  15. What is Ad Group in Google Adwords?

  16. What is Clicks in Google Adwords?

  17. What is Ad rotation in Google Adwords?

  18. What is Impression Google Adwords?

  19. What is Ad Rank?

  20. How to calculate the Adrank Score?

  21. What does it mean by “Rotate Evenly”?

  22. What does it mean by “Rotate Indefinitely”?

  23. Types of extensions & its benefit in Google Ads?

  24. What are the various types of automated extensions available in PPC?

  25. How would you decide, which Ad Extensions should you use?

  26. If I add a Google Ads Extension in my Ad Copy, is it guaranteed that it will show up with my Ads?

  27. Does Google charge any extra cost in using the available Ad Extensions?

  28. How does the IP Address exclusion feature work in Google Adwords?

  29. How can we use the Location Target & Exclusion Options?

  30. What is the character limit in Ad Copy of Google Ads?

  31. What is The allowed characters limit for Adwords Expanded Text ad?

  32. What is the Maximum length of Destination URL in Ad copies?

  33. How many ad copies should we create in each ad group to optimize our ROI?

  34. What is Standard vs Accelerated delivery?

  35. What are the types of conversions in Google Ads?

  36. What is invalid click?

  37. What are Converted Clicks?

  38. What are Off-Line Conversions?

  39. What is Quality Score in Google Ads?

  40. What are the allowed image sizes in display ads?

  41. What is Dynamic Search Ad?

  42. What is PLA or What is a Product Listing Ads?

  43. How does Google auction work?

  44. How can you track conversions in Google Adwords?

  45. What are the settings that cannot be changed after creating a Google Ads account?

  46. What is Google Forwarding Number & How to use it?

  47. What are Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool?

  48. What is the role of Frequency Capping?

  49. What are Automatic & Managed Placements?

  50. What are the first steps you should take if your ads get disapproved for any reason?

  51. What are the qualities of a good Landing Page?

  52. What are the Targeting options in Search network ads?

  53. What are the Targeting options in Display network ads?

  54. What are the Targeting options in Dynamic search ad?

  55. What are Automatic Placements?

  56. What is Managed Placements?

  57. Can you directly link to a product brochure in PDF in your AdWords ad?

  58. Why Should we Include a Text Ad In Display Network Campaign, Even If we Want to Focus On Image/ video only?

  59. What is Google Ad API?

  60. Can you List down some task which can be frequently done by using Google AdWords API?

  61. What is GCLID?

  62. What feature in Google Ads allows us to automatically include the user’s query into the ad text?

  63. Does Google page rank (PR) of a landing page help in the quality score?

  64. How does the Google auction works?

  65. Google Adwords Double Serving Policy?

  66. What is Google Click-to-Call?

  67. Guidelines for search ads?

  68. What is Over delivery credit?

  69. What is the On-Schedule Indicator (OSI)?

  70. What are Adwords Experiments?

  71. What is Google Attribution & Google Attribution 360?

  72. One Reason to consider Different Messages in Your Video Ads than in Your Text/ Search Ads?

  73. Testing ads are important, but how do you know when it’s time to conclude a test and leverage the results?

  74. Why is it recommended to separate Display Network campaigns from Search Network Campaigns?

  75. How to automate rules in Google Ads?

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