Work From Home: Quick Guide for Business Owner, Freelancers & Freshers

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How to Maintain Your Business Revenue?

Even when Corona (COVID-19) has been Affected the Global Market?

We hope you are doing well and staying safe at home. All we know, how the invisible virus COVID-19 has affected our daily routine. All of us are eagerly waiting to get into the normal situation to continue the regular tasks else we are bounded to Work From Home.

It seems like we have locked up inside a cage and we don’t have any weapon to counter the situation. The case goes worst when we think about professional work and earnings. Because without having money, you can’t stay calm at home.

But don’t worry! Because here, we have elaborated multiple ways to utilize this time by staying safe at home. This article is full of information for learning digital skills as well as earning from that. Let’s dive inside to use your precious time in this pandemic situation.

You might have no clues that how big opportunities we have at this time. Have you ever thought that a regular income is still possible without stepping out of the house? Perhaps a big NO! But the reality is, there are multiple ways you can explore yourself to utilize this COVID-19 lockdown period.

Let’s go deeper to understand the ways to learn and earn in this Corona affected environment. This article is divided into 3 parts; For Business Owner, For Freelancers, and Beginners or Freshers! So as per your requirement, you can go to that section directly.

For Business Giants: Digital Activities you can opt for boosting your business Globally or in the Local Market by doing Work From Home

If you are thinking that everything is lost in this pandemic Corona situation then it’s completely wrong. We understand, how big a non-performing day gives you loss in the business and this is beyond the expected situation where you will have to maintain your running business for enjoying a peaceful life.

But hold on and take a deep breath! Because nothing is completely loosed. Only you need to map out all the possibilities in this near to impossible situation. To make your task easier, here are several activities we have listed which will help you to stay active in the market to help the needful person. You can opt for the things as per your requirement, budget and convenience to run the business smoothly.

Digital Marketing Techniques to opt if you are a small or big business owner

1] A Dynamic Website

If you are already owning a website then congratulation! You are up to date with technology and knows the value of a business online presence. But if in case, you haven’t a website then don’t worry. Because we are here to help you.

Website designing doesn’t cost a huge amount for everyone. It can be created just by spending nothing. Yes! It’s shocking but true.

A) How to Create a Free Website?

  • Choose a name for your online webstore
  • Search for the Web 2.0 sites.
5 Top Trusted Free Blogging Sites List
  • Register there with your email id
  • Now choose the pre-designed template which suits your eyes and match your business requirements.
  • Write User-friendly content to describe your services or products to the audience. You can also hire a Professional Content Writer for getting engaging content at an affordable cost.
  • Collect some impressive images using your smartphone camera or by designing with the help of graphic designing tools like Paint, Photoshop, After Effect, Coral Draw.
  • Now put all the stuff together and you are ready to share.

B) How to create a Dynamic Website by spending 1000 rupees only?

  • Decide a name for your webstore.
  • Buy a domain name from an authentic Domain Registration Site.
Top 5 Domain Purchasing Websites List
  1. GoDaddy
  2. Hostgator
  3. Bluehost
  4. HostingRaja
  5. BigRock
  • Buy a Fast Linux Hosting Plan, initially for a few months or years.
Top 5 Best Hosting Server Services List
  1. Bluehost
  2. GoDaddy
  3. Hostgator
  4. BigRock
  5. HostingRaja
  • Now link your purchased domain name with the hosting server
  • Install WordPress or other Free Website Creation tool in the hosting control panel.
  • Now log in on your newly created WordPress site and then install a beautiful theme and then load it with your business information.
  • After doing it, you are ready to go to promote your website in your near circle and worldwide platform.

C) How to get a Dynamic Website created by a Professional?

If you want to go with this option means you are aware of the branding, quality, and reputation of a company. It’s better to let the professional do the technical thing by applying their expertise and innovative skills.

To get a professionally created website, you need to consult a professional agency that provides Web Design and Development Services. Depends on your business and site requirements, a Website Development Firm can cost you any amount starting from 10, 000 INR at least.

However, if you are not a big company and can’t afford the charges of a professional website service provider then you can Contact a Freelance Website Designer.

Top 5 Sites to Hire a Freelance Web Developer
  1. UpWork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Fiverr
  4. PeoplePerHour
  5. LinkedIn

2] Content Writer

It’s been said, “Content is the King of the Digital World”. And it is the truth. Because in real life you can convey your thoughts to the person by speaking but digitally, you have the only way to pass the message and i.e. CONTENTS. You must know that content can be anything like infographic, picture, video, audio, or text. People will only get interested in your business if it’s engaging and loaded with the answer to the user’s query.

You can either write content by yourself or hire a Website Content Writer. If you are hiring a professional SEO Content Writing Agency then it will help you to index your site faster because the Content Writing Agency follows the Google Algorithm and take care of the proper format, keyword placements, and other aspects to provide you with a valuable and informatic article.

However, if you want to cut the cost of getting Affordable Content Writing Services, you can hire a Freelance Content Writer. Freelancers usually work from home and so they can provide Cheap Article Writing Services due to their limited expenditure on work equipment.

For more details regarding Online Content Writing Services, you can read our FAQ section. It will answer your most of the queries related to Digital Marketing Content Writing Services.

3] Social Media Channels

If you are working in such a niche where you required the local customers or if you are just planning to bring your business for Online Marketing then it’s better to start with Social Media Platforms.

You can create a business page or a business group to promote your services or products. But keep in mind to keep it a two-way conversational update not monotonous. The pro tip is, update your feed regularly and if possible then fix a time or create a content calendar to publish your post. The reason is, initially, the people will get connected slowly with your page but with the time they will know about your schedule if they like your content, they would eagerly wait for your next update.

The process doesn’t only present you as an authentic brand but also indirectly conveys how committed you are towards your audience and the business.

Top 5 Social Media Networking Site List
  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest

4] YouTube Video Platform

If you are working in such a business category that is related to showcase the products like, beauty, cloth, food, stationery, etc. then YouTube would be more beneficial for your business growth. Because of video promotion platforms, you can showcase your real products In front of the audience. Not only YouTube (the second most searched searching engine after Google search engine) but you can also publish the videos on other platforms.

Top 5 Video Promotion Website List
  1. YouTube
  2. Daily Motion
  3. Vimeo
  4. Amazon Prime Video
  5. Netflix

Making a video is neither rocket science nor you required a proper studio setup. The rule of thumb is the content inside it must be useful and trustworthy. You can start recording with the setup of good quality mike or earphone and your smartphone. If you have a laptop then you can also start recording high-quality stuff.

A video editor software will be an add-on to finalize a proper output and format of the created content by adding some animation in that. You can easily get many Video Editor tools online or in PlayStore or Apple iTunes Store.

5] Online Paid Advertising

If you follow the above-listed method, you can grab huge attention to your business. But those activities are a bit slow to show you some positive result and for that, you need to put a really good effort.

What if we say, there is a quick method by which you can see the result from the first day? Surprised? Haha!

Yes, there are a few ways through which you can reach as many audiences as you want. And obviously more reaching means more sales. You can even segregate and target the user based on their location, interest, age, gender, device, and significantly more.

The method is known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Here, you need to showcase your brand information on the online platforms and then pay only for some actions taken by the user. We know, you are curious to ask some basic questions related to it. So we have already answered it which you can read by going to our Affordable PPC Google Ads Management Services FAQ section.

You can showcase any format of your business content through Online Advertising Technique. The frequently used formats are Display Ads, Search Ads, YT Video Ads, Shopping Ads, and App Promotion Ads.

Several platforms allow you to opt PPC Management Services but would recommend you go with either Adwords Management Services or the Facebook Advert for the Paid Search Services. The reason is, these both platforms have a huge user and allow you to run Local Service Ads as well as global advertising. Especially Google is loved by most of the individuals worldwide for PPC Search Marketing. So obviously it would be the platform to choose Global Advertising and catch the user’s attention by targeting them on multiple places like 3rd party websites, Apps, YouTube Channels, or in Search Result Page.

While opting for Google PPC Paid Advertising Services, you must keep in mind to hire a Google Adwords Professional Agency or a Freelance otherwise, it won’t take time to ruin your budget and spend on unwanted clicks and ad performance.

For any assistance regarding Content Writing Services or PPC Campaign Management Services, we are here to help you. You only need to contact us via email or a telephonic call. We would try our best to help you in boosting the revenue.

For Freelancers: Digital Skills you can utilize to help the Small and Big Business Owner by doing Work From Home

We assume you are already familiar with the need for the technologies in this era. If you are a tech-savvy person and want to sell your skill in return of a handsome amount in this critical situation, then it won’t only help to the business owners to generate sales after spending less cost on freelancers but also will help you to get opportunities to create your client base for future aspects.

There are several things you can provide as a service across the globe from home by maintaining social distancing. If you have sound knowledge of any of the industries from the list, there are huge possibilities to earn from home. Just you need to bring it online, in front of your potential customers.

1] Informational Website Designing

It’s a crucial time for the startup companies who want to bring their business on sky-high in the coming days. You can help the small level business owner to bring their presence online by creating a 4-5 pages website. It will help them to showcase their potential in front of the local market as well as on the global market. And in return, you will also feel happy and earn some money.

2] e-Commerce Website Design & Development

As the lockdown period is going on, the bigger challenge for the grocery and other similar sellers is to get the customer. All are advised to not step out from home so in this situation purchasing the products or services online will not only help to eradicate COVID-19 but also will be helpful for the fresh business startups to get an opportunity to promote their company with your help.

3] Emailer Template Designing

Nowadays, email is playing a big role to communicate the clients. And a professionally designed emailing template will help the owner to automate their message to convey the customers regularly.

You can design email templates based on the client’s requirement and niche. There are a few popular sites exists which will helpful for you to design an email template in no time.

Top 5 Best Email Template Design Website
  1. MailChimp
  2. Get Response
  3. AWeber
  4. ConvertKit
  5. Constant Contact

4] Blog Content Writing

Nowadays, SEO Content Writing Services are in demand. Most of the bloggers required a Freelance Blog Writer to provide SEO-friendly articles to publish on a regular interval. You can take advantage of this situation and deliver them high-quality blog post writing services at an affordable cost.

To get more knowledge about writing, you can take a tour of our blog loaded with useful Content Marketing stuff.

5] Creative Writing

If you love to share your knowledge then creative writing services would best to provide. You can choose any business niche according to your expertise to provide them high-quality informative article co0relating that with your skill and experience.

6] Social Media Post Writing

Creating a social media page is not a big task to sustain it with a regular update is. Due to busy schedule, most the business agency looks for the Social Media Post Writer to share their work. This type of writing is too short. It will hardly take 5-10 minutes to write informative or promotional content.

You can charge your client for writing Social Media Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms every month or for a fixed number of posts.

7] Professional Email Writing

Professional writing is different than regular writeup. In a business email writing, you need to take care of each word you are using so that it must not convey a wrong intention. A few business people do this job by themselves but there is a huge owner who hires freelancers or agency to respond to their emails. You can find and approach them for the business emailer writing services.

8] Brochure or another Brand Copywriting

There are multiple requirements for branding a company. Business brochure, flyers, website, apps, and other things as well where they need copyrighted content to publish. You can take this opportunity to provide them a copyrighting service.

9] SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Creating a website is not enough. It’s required to generate a good number of authentic and quality backlinks. With the SEO skills, you can help the local sellers as well as global product or service providers to optimize their website by charging an affordable rate monthly. You can even sign a contract for 3 Months, 6 Months, or above for providing your SEO Services.

10] Graphic Designing

Modern science says that visuals have more impact than a simple content in a human brain. So, this is another place where you can exchange your skill with money by designing branding material for the small to big level companies.

11] What’s App Status Post Design

The fact is not hidden from us that a mass individual is starting their day by scrolling down the What’s App status. And this is an opportunity for the business person to get the user’s attention to their profession.

You can design an affordable package for providing What’s App Status Design and Content with your caliber.

12] YouTube Video Editing

This is an easy but huge task to execute. If you are a creative person then just find out the sellers who have published a low-quality video on YouTube. And then contact them via call or email and ask them that you can provide eye-catching video editing services by editing some professional touch in that. Definitely, you will get a good number of assignments in this way.

13] Animation Video Creation

Days are gone when people used to create a simple video. Now animation has taken the place to create an interesting presentation to convey the information to potential users. But unfortunately, there are a smaller number of professionals who are proving budget-friendly videos to the client. If you have this skill, you can help many business people to convey their brand message through animation.

14] Facebook Cover Image and Post Design

Facebook is a well-known platform for social networking and the companies are taking the benefit to promote their business over there. You can list down Facebook or other social media pages who have a good number of followers but their feed post designs aren’t up to the mark.

You can approach them by creating a small package with the number of Cover Image and Post Images you can provide regularly.

15] Social Media Account Handling

A huge number of businesses are joining Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others but it’s literally hard for them to manage all the accounts consistently.

If you are spending your more time on social media then it’s better to earn by doing that same activity for the client.

16] Database Cleanup

Daily, eCommerce companies get too much data in their database. But time-to-time, it also required cleaning the unwanted data from there. If you have sound knowledge of database management, you can approach the business person who might in need of you, a Freelance Database Manager.

17] Technical Support

If you love to play with mobile or computer settings, you can help the person in need of you. You can guide them via Skype Call, or email, or a normal call to come out from the unfortunate situation if they have stuck in.

18] Provide English Speaking Course from Home

Many housewives and other people who haven’t gone to a content school ever have a big dream to learn English. You can give them the live classes on YouTube, Skype, or other video channels. You can also help them to learn English over the What’s App conference call or a regular telephonic call.

In this way, you can’t imagine how big thanks you will earn apart from money.

19] Provide Medical Assistance

If you aren’t a tech-savvy person but an expert in the medical field then you can also contribute to the nation by providing counseling services or medical assistance over the call. You can ask them an affordable fee in return for providing your Medical Assistance Services.

20] Teach Online

It’s been said; “One educated person can educate 100 people”. So, whatever the skills you have, you can teach to others as a Part-Time Job. You can take the help of the above-mentioned resources to start online classes for whatever things you want to teach. It will help you to earn money and others will get the way to utilize these idle times nowadays.

Apart from above-mentioned niches, you can also provide your consultancy services, write a book or conduct online sessions for the problems related to Fitness and Weight Loss, Dating and Relationships, Pets Care, Personality Development, Beauty Treatments, Personal Finance, Share Market Stock Exchange, Art & Craft, Drawing and Painting, Guitar Lessons, Comics Writing or cartoon creation, Competitive Exam Material Designing, Stress Management, Quick Cooking Recipe, Nursery care, Hacking, Quotes Writing and thousands of more.

If you have any of these skills or other similar skills that can be helpful to the business industry or an individual, you can start serving that at an affordable cost. Now the most expected question is – “How to get the client?”. For that, just read the first section of this blog to get the client for your freelancing services.

We hope, it would be very helpful. We would wait to see your performance and result while earning from home in the comment section below.

For Freshers: Digital Certification you can earn by learning Work From Home

If you are in 10th standard or around and want to start earning by doing some Part Time Work from Home, then this is the golden chance to earn some skills by joining online paid classes or watching the freely available content on YouTube or another platform.

This is not limited to this pandemic situation affected by COVID-19, but it will also help you in the coming days to choose a better carrier. It’s better if you can learn some professional skills in continuing your studies. Leaning any or multiple skills during or before your graduation will make you ready to get a good earning job easily.

To not get confused in choosing the options to learn and earn online certification, we have already mentioned more than 25 things in the upper sections of this article. Which you can read in detail and decide the activity to become master in that.

However, here also we have added a few professional courses to see at a glance. Out of which, a few skills can be learned within a week and a few might take a couple of months or more. So, go through one by one and check the further details online related to those particular courses, and then without further delays, start learning ASAP.

Top 22 Things to Learn Online From Home

SEO Social Media Optimization Email Marketing Content Writing Graphic Designing Website development Software Programming LanguageWebsite Template Designing YouTube Video Creation TikTok Video Creation Paid Advertising Webinar Arrangement Motion Animation Creation Viral MarketingAffiliate Marketing Stock Marketing Artificial Intelligence Data Science Hacking Robot Creation Painting Internet Marketing Service

We hope the article loaded with full of information has helped you to utilize precious time in this pandemic COVID-19 lockdown period to Work From Home. Don’t forget to share the article with whom you care. Also, write your experience in the comment section below and let us know what you did or planned after getting this information?

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