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Do you want to supercharge your Google Ads efforts? At Mithvin YRB, we put all our expertise into maximising your online advertising presence with Professional Google Ads Management skills.

So, there is no need to hunt Google Ads specialist or Pay Per Click Campaign manager further. We're here to increase your brand awareness and generate qualified leads at possibly the lowest cost.

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Types of Google Ads Campaign Setup

Search Campaigns

Google Ads Search Campaigns are the best way to get immediate results from people interested in and actively searching for products or services related to your business. Visibility: Google Search Engine & Search Network Partner.

Display Campaigns

Google Ads Display Campaigns are the best to choose for brand awareness and reaching a wide audience worldwide who take an interest in your business. Visibility: Google Display Network (Websites & Mobile Apps).

Video Campaigns

Google Ads Video Campaigns are the best to engage users on YouTube, increase brand awareness, generate indirect leads, and promote your business. Visibility: YouTube and Google Display Network Partners.

Shopping Campaigns

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns are exclusively designed for e-commerce businesses to showcase featured product catalogues on Google Search Engine result pages. Visibility: SERP (Google Search Engine Result Pages).

App Installation Campaigns

Google Ads App Campaigns are the choice for developers and mobile application owners to get maximum downloads and acquire new users. Visibility: Google Platforms (Play Store, YouTuber, SERPs, Display Network).

Call-Only Campaigns

Google Ads Call-Only Campaigns are the best solution for industries that want local people to connect to their business directly. E.g., Local Serving Businesses, Customer Support Hotlines, Healthcare, Real Estate, Tourism, Legal Services, Insurance, and more. Visibility: Google Maps, SERPs, Google Display Network, Google Search Partner Sites

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Why Hire Expert Google Ads Manager?

Google Ads requires a high level of expertise to turn a mediocre campaign into a thriving business. Here’s why you must partner with Mithvin YRB, a Professional Google Ads Management Company.

Potentials of Google Advertising Services

Let Your Business Reach Any Corner of the World.

Immediate Visibility

Instantly appears at the top of search results pages after launching professionally managed Google Ads Campaigns.

Improved Quality Score

Choose a professional Google Ads service provider to improve ad positions and reduce cost per click to climb to the top of the search results.

Optimized CTR

Conducting comprehensive keyword research and getting higher click-through rates positively influence your ad ranking.

A/B Testing

We follow a result-driven approach for A/B tasting to experiment with different ad variations and continuously refine your pay per click campaigns to increase ROI (Return on Investment).

Budget Friendly

With the flexibility to target the required ads budget every day, we strategically manage your ad spend with an affordable PPC campaign setup service.

Reach Where Your Audience Lives

We fine-tune your targeting by specific geographical locations, demographics, interests, and an abundance of ad copy formats.

Expertise To Increase Awareness & Qualified Leads

We understand the importance of promoting business in the competitive digital landscape. Thus. we ensure you boost your online presence with our data-driven PPC Advertising strategies to propel your Google advertising campaign to new heights.

Google Ads Remarketing Campaigns Setup

Remarketing campaigns target users who have already visited your website or interacted with your ads.

We follow a dynamic approach in remarketing strategies to re-engage valuable prospects with personalised campaign setup and optimisation. 

Our Google Ads Remarketing Campaigns setup will be valuable for re-engaging potential customers and encouraging conversions at the lowest CPL (Cost-Per-Lead).

Skyrocket your website's visibility with Professional Google Ads Management Service!

Take charge of your online presence and watch your business thrive.

Our Google Advertising Capabilities

PPC, SEM, SMM, Pay Per Click, Google Ads Management Service

Advanced Bid Strategies

We automate betting to maintain a competitive edge in auctions and achieve the best possible ROI for your budget.

Multiple Ad Campaigns Management

We are capable of managing multiple ads to ensure rapid growth in your business.

Result-Driven Focus

Whether it's to increase website traffic, higher conservation rates, or improve brand visibility, we are committed to helping your business succeed in the digital landscape.

Regular Campaign Monitoring

We offer round-the-clock campaign monitoring to address the issues or opportunities and ensure your ads are performing optimally at all hours.

Ethical PPC Advertising Practice

Hire us to ensure effective Google ads campaign management that aligns with your brand value to maintain a reputation.

FAQs - Google Ads Services

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is a paid advertising technique offered by Google. It is also known as PPC advertising, which is a part of digital marketing techniques. 

Google Advertising allows businesses to reach potential customers across various online channels, increase awareness, and generate sales. Read more details about Google Ads here.

Managing Google Ads effectively is crucial. Here's how a professional Google ads management company can help you out.

  • Using Effective Bid Strategies
  • Monitoring Performance
  • Adjusting Bids
  • Optimizing Negative Keywords
  • Performing Regular Reviews

Negative keywords allow the term you want your ads to not appear for. Their primary functions are:

  • Filtering Irrelevant Traffic
  • Improving Ads Relevance
  • Reducing Costs
  • Enhancing Ad Quality Scores.

An effective ad campaign setup is a foundation to run paid ads in Google and how professionals can help you out.

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Brainstorm Keywords
  • Use Keyword Research Tools 
  • Analyze Competitors Keywords
  • Prioritize Keywords
  • Identify Negative Keywords

You must choose the right campaign goals, set a budget, select keywords, create compelling ad copy, and define targeting settings.

Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs are popular tools for keyword research.

Visuals are crucial; use high-quality images and relevant graphics to enhance ad performance.

You must set a budget based on your Google advertising goals, industry competition, and desired reach.

Quality Score measures ad relevance. Achieving higher Ad Quality scores helps you to improve your ad position and lower costs per click.

Conversion tracking measures the effectiveness of your Google pay per click campaigns in driving desired actions and optimising for better results.

Common reasons to flag your Google Ads Account may include policy violations, misleading content, or issues with landing pages.

You must review and adhere to Google Ads policies, use accurate information, and maintain transparency.

Yes, tools like SEMrush and SpyFu can help you get insights into your competitors' keywords, ad copies, and strategies.

Google Ads Service, Google Advertising Expert

Why Google Ads Agency?

Google Ads Dashboard is easy to use but very tricky to run a successful campaign. And here we, the Google Ads Agency, come into a role to run ads on the Google AdWords platform using their skills to provide you with a maximum ROI. An individual can ruin their budget if they don’t know PPC properly.
Facebook Marketer

Why Social Media Advertising?

People are spending around 3 hours every day on social sites. It’s a big opportunity to target them to convert into your existing clients by promoting your services on Social Media Platforms e.g. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, and more.

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We are grateful to serve businesses in a wide range of segments.


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Each project has taught us the art of adding values to hold the user’s attention.


3 Million+ Budget Managed

Our highly optimized PPC campaigns have transformed our client's business in terms of brand reach & revenue.

Our Happy Clients

Valuable Contributions To Our Growth.

Clients Feedback

This is what inspires us to do what we are the best in.

Ravi Patel Digital Marketer

Mithvin team is the one-stop solution for me to get really high-quality content. They provide content with quality and within the time frame. They never disappointed me with the quality. I recommend them for their quality and timely delivery.

Olivia Calder Blogger

Mithvin Content Writing Style is really amazing. Only you need to share the topics and rest everything they take care of to deliver SEO-friendly articles. We have seen nice traffic on our site through Mithvin's writing skills. Thanks for adding value to our readers.

Mike Sendler Affiliate Marketer

Mithvin is a very professional content writing firm that delivers what they promise. We love their efforts and value-added service and recommend them again and again for our future works. Keep up the great work, thanks for delivering error-free articles.

Ryan Hanley Business Owner

We loved the result delivered by Mithvin team. We appreciate them for utilizing our Digital Advertising budget in a very well manner that resulted us get maximum output for our business.

Abhay Chabra Tour & Travel Company

Getting bookings is always competitive for us but with Mithvin's effective PPC advertising strategy, somehow we are able to reduce the cost for getting customers onboard.

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