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Get an In-depth Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research & PPC Account Audit with Quick Turn Around Time.
Mithvin is dedicated to increasing your ROI by up to 20x.

    Why Google Advertising
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    Start Getting Conversions Instantly – Showcase your brand at the top of Google Search Result Pages!
    People Ask Questions to Google – Be Featured as an Answer!
    Boost up Your Business Revenue 20x FASTER than any other Marketing & Advertising Techniques!

    Affordable Google Ads Management Service

    We, the Mithvin, are the PPC Expert dedicated to provide Google Ads & Facebook Advertising Services to Maximize our client’s ROI by investing lower amount.

    Professional PPC Management Services

    Mail to now to consult directly with a Digital Marketing Specialist for Google Ads Services/ Google Advertising Professional.


    Grab The User's Attention

    Using Our Google Advertising Services, in 4 Easy Steps Only!

    Customize your package of Google Adwords Management Services by discussing with our PPC Advertising Experts
    Discuss With Our Experts 17%
    Contact us right away to share your expectations from our PPC Management Services
    Share Your Business Details 18%
    Make the advance payment to run your campaigns and see the result from next day
    Make Payment to Initiate 17%
    Track your conversions and campaign improvements by regular discussing with our Search Engine Marketing Experts
    Hike The Achievements 48%

    Why Choose Us?

    > Get a response from the first day.
    > You can start showing your ads even if you don’t have your website.
    > Full budget control is in your hand.
    > Customize targeting to the creamy audience.
    > Flexible to start and stop campaigns whenever you want.
    > Real-time report of ROI including each and every cent.
    > No Keyword limitations. Can use up to 5 Millions KWs in your campaigns.

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    Choose A Perfect Plan for Your Business

    Pick a Monthly Plan (Google Search Ads Account Management Services) & Get Relaxed!
    Our SEM Experts will take care of your Google Ads Account & PPC Campaigns. 
    The PPC Experts will work smartly to provide you with a good return on your investments.

    PPC/ Google Ads Management Service Pricing


    $100 Per Month
    ₹10,000 Per Month


    $145 Per Month
    ₹12,000 Per Month


    $230 Per Month
    ₹20,000 Per Month

    Why Google Ads Agency?

    Google Ads Dashboard is easy to use but very tricky to run a successful campaign. And here we, the Google Ads Agency come into a role to run ads on the Google AdWords platform using their skills to provide you with a max ROI. An individual can ruin their budget if don’t know PPC properly.

    Social Media Marketing

    Why Social Media Advertising?

    People are spending around 3 hours every day on social sites. And it’s a big opportunity to target them to convert into your existing client by promoting your services on Social Media Platforms e.g. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads & more.

    Services - We Offer

    Google Ads Search Network

    Google Ads Management

    Search, Display & Video Ads

    Show your ads on top of the Google SERP, High Traffic Websites & Trending YouTube Videos.

    Web content writing services uk

    Website & Blog Writings

    Get Highly SEO Optimized Contents to Serve Latest Articles to Your Readers.

    Social Media Marketing

    Market Your Brand or Products Over Social Media & Other Platforms to up to 20x ROI.


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    Get a custom plan for your Business Advertising online

    Top PPC FAQs You Must Ask Your Advertising Agency

    Google Ads or Google Adwords is an internet marketing service produced by Google to help marketers reach their customers around the globe. Read more about Google Ads here.

    Mainly Search Ads, Display Ads & Shopping Ads are the main types of Google Advertising. You can read in details about Types of Campaigns here. It explains about App Installation Ads, Video Ads and Mobile Ads too.

    The amount deducted for each click is called CPC or Cost-Per-Click in Google Ads Account. Based on a CPC formula, you can calculate yours. Read more details about CPC here.

    SEM i.e. Search Engine Marketing is a paid technique to get traffic to your website whereas SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a free technique to get traffic. Read More HERE.

    A big NO. Because PPC can help you to get traffic only for the amount you are paying. After finishing the budget, you can’t earn even an impression. But SEO is free. Read in details, HERE.

    Based on your campaign setup, your Ads may appear on Google Search Result Pages, like a banner on 3rd Party Websites, mobile screen, while watching YouTube videos & more.

    No, absolutely no. It’s an amazing platform to get good returns. The Google Ads is easy to use but one should have sound knowledge of setting up campaigns. If it’s not a professional one, you might lose your budget. Read More HERE.

    If you want to DIY, go to Google Ads Official Site and follow the steps else you can contact to our Google Advertising Experts to start running your campaigns online. If already running your paid campaigns, you can ask us for Free Campaign Audits.

    Based on your business niche and expectations, we suggest which one should you opt. You can ask our Google Ads Experts for choosing the right campaigns. Also, read more about types of campaigns in Google Ads HERE.

    The PPC Agency have the team who are expert in handing PPC Google Ads Account whereas an individual learns from the Google AdWords Tutorials available online, which are created for gaining basic knowledge only.

    No! Even Google can’t guarantee to show your ads on the 1st position every time. Because the algorithm calculates your Ads Position based on multiple parameters such as ads QS, CPC, chosen keywords etc. Read more about PPC Formula HERE.

    To set up campaigns from scratch, will charge one time fixed setup fee and then a fixed percentage of your budget you are about to spend monthly on ads. For more details about Google Ads Pricing, please contact to our  PPC Experts right away.

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