Google Ads – Keywords Match Type & it’s Use like a Pro

In this article, you will get full information about “What is Keywords?” & “What are the Keywords Match Type in Google AdWords” along with its benefits and proper use inside your campaign.

What is a keyword?

The keyword is a term or phrases searched by any user on the Google Search bar to get some result. In the online world, the keyword is everything to play and target your audience. Because the selection of your keywords decides on which search terms, your ads or website will be visible to the audience. Keep in mind the there are differences between Keyword Match Type & Keyword Types which is explained below.

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Keywords Match Type in Google Ads?

As Google Ads allow you to use up to 5 Million keywords in an account, it also gives you the flexibility to use these keywords in multiple match types.

Let’s know in depth about these 5 types of keywords in Google AdWords

1. Broad Match – Google AdWords Keywords Match Type

Broad Match type is the default keyword taken by Google if you don’t define any.
The broad match allows your ads to come in search if the user’s query is carrying any of the words or synonyms matched with your targeted keyword list.

Example of Broad Match Type

Your Targeted keywords:

  1. Google Ads Agency
  2. PPC Advertising
  3. Google Adwords Services

Your Ad may be visible for below terms and more:

  1. Agency for Google Advertising
  2. PPC latest blog
  3. Google Ads Services near me
  4. PPC tutorial for beginners
  5. Ad Services for Facebook
  6. Online Services
  7. PPC Course in Ranchi
  8. Google PPC Algorithm
  9. Content Writing Services
  10. Low-Cost Advertising & Marketing Agency

Benefits of using Broad Match Type in Google Ads Campaigns

  • Get new keyword ideas: It’s helpful for new campaigns where you are not familiar with the terms people might search to reach your business. The targeted broad match keywords will help you to build a search term list faster than other techniques and further, it will be helpful for you to use those search terms in your next campaigns or better optimization of your ads.
  • Prevent you to waste money on non-performing keywords variations: In case of getting no clicks on any keywords or it’s variations, google ads algorithm will not show your ads for those keywords and it will help you to spend the rest amount on performing keywords only.
  • Experiment for your new business: If you are new in the market and trying to get some audience for you, try using broad match by adding the limited keywords as per your analysis that may probably be searched by the audience to find you. It will help you to get initial traffic and then you can use the gathered data for further promotion
  • Use it for non-popular products or services: If your product is not popular in the market then obviously you need to advertise it broadly. And so, the user will able to reach you only by using broad match type. Due to low competition, it will help you get more clicks at the lowest CPC & also will give the report of relevant searched term to use within your future campaigns.
  • Use broad match for low searched business: If you are a brand new company with low competition in the market, and want to get some leads for your business, you can blindly use the Broad Match Type inside your Google Ads Campaign to target the fresh audience at the lowest cost. Later on, you can also see the relevant terms which have been searched by the users inside the Search Term Query report.

Key points to remember while using broad match keyword type in Google PPC Ads

  • Your ads will be shown for singular or plural forms, synonyms, word stemming, misspellings, closely related terms and more variations.
  • If you have added keywords in the broad match inside your campaigns, the Google will automatically show your ads for relevant terms searched by a user
  • Your Quality Score may go down because a broad match can target the high number of widely relevant terms for a single ad copy, probably it will decrease your CTR (Click-through-rate) too and then obviously your ad position will change due to irrelevant ads.
  • If you are using broad match keywords for popular services, your wallet may vanish within a few minutes due to showing your ads to widely relevant terms too.
  • In broad targeting, you will get more irrelevant clicks rather you are targeted. E.g. your target keyword is PPC tutorial, but you may get clicks on search terms such as – how to create PPC tutorial, free tutorials for cooking, PPC blog to follow, study material for IAS, PPC webinar and so on. So be careful while using broad match types.

2. Broad Match Modifier – Google AdWords Keywords Match Type

Broad Match Modifier and it's use

Broad Match Modifier is also called BMM and this is the second keyword match type and this is the most used match type by agencies inside the Google Advertising Campaigns. BMM is similar to broad match type but performance-wise it has a huge difference. BMM notified with the symbol ”+” at the starting of any words in your keyword list. The + symbol used to filter out the most relevant search query for your ad, which includes all those words which have been denoted by this symbol. Inside your campaign.

Example of Broad Match Modifier

Your Targeted keywords:

  1. +PPC +Services in +India
  2. +Google +Ads +Agency
  3. +Freelance +Content +Writer

Your Ad may be visible for below terms and more:

  1. PPC services for leads in India
  2. Agency for Google Ads
  3. Hire freelancers for a content writer
  4. PPC Google Ads Agency
  5. Content Writing jobs for a freelancer

Your Ad may not be visible for below terms and more:

  1. PPC Services Delhi
  2. Google Agency
  3. Freelance Writer
  4. Google Advertising
  5. PPC Ads Agency

Benefits of using Broad Match Modifier in Google AdWords Campaigns

  • Get the creamiest layered users: If you are targeting keywords in BMM, your ads will only visible to those persons who have mentioned all the words included in your keyword phrase else if any of the terms will be missing, your ad will not be shown. In this way, you will get the user who is highly relevant to the business.
  • Invest your budget on most relevant Keywords only: Due to targeting the user who is searching for closely related to your targeted keywords, your costing will also be managed in a better manner to minimized the irrelevant clicks.
  • Use it for most competitive keywords as well: With the combination of 2 or more words, you can prepare your BMM keywords list in such a way where you can bid the competitors and bring your ads on top positions even by spending less budget than them.

Key points to remember while using broad match modifier inside your Google Campaigns

  • Your ads will be shown for singular or plural forms, synonyms & misspellings.
  • Your Quality Score will go up because BMM can target the high number of closely relevant terms for a single ad copy, probably it will increase your CTR (Click-through-rate) too and then obviously your ad position will change accordingly.
  • You will get more relevant clicks because your ad will be shown for those queries only which will contain the whole words given in BMM inside your campaign.
  • Don’t use broad match and BMM keywords inside a single campaign. It will become a mesh and may cost you higher CPC due to improper arrangements of keywords and campaign.

3. Phrase Match – Google AdWords Keywords Match Type

What is Phrase Match type in google Adwords

Phrase Match used to show your ads for only those keywords which should be typed by users as it is in Google search page. The purpose of using Phrase Match is to target some specific product or services. The Phrase Match Keyword is written inside the symbol “ ” and allow you to show your ads on the user’s query if they have searched with pre phrase or post phrase along with your targeted keywords.

Although, it’s not recommended to use in your first campaign if you are a novice Google Advertiser.

Example of Phrase Match Keywords

Your Targeted keywords:

  1. Google ads service in India
  2. “Affordable Google Advertiser”
  3. “Content Writing Freelancer”
  4. “SEO Service in Delhi”
  5. Blog Writer near me

Your Ad may be visible for below terms and more:

  1. Best Google ads service in Delhi India
  2. Google Ads PPC Services India
  3. Google Advertiser at Affordable Rate
  4. Affordable Google Advertising Agency
  5. Freelancer Content Writer in India
  6. Content Writing Freelancer for my website
  7. Cheap SEO Service near me in Delhi
  8. SEO Service Company Delhi
  9. Professional Blog Writer near me
  10. Blog Writer for my website near me

Your Ad may not be visible for below terms and more:

  1. Google ads service in Delhi
  2. Affordable Google AdWords service
  3. Low-cost Google Advertiser
  4. Affordable Google Ad Agency
  5. Part-Time Content Writing
  6. Freelance blog writer
  7. SEO Service in India
  8. SEO Service Agency
  9. Blog Writer near Delhi
  10. Website Content Writer near me

Benefits of using Phrase Match Type in Your Google Ads Campaigns

  • Get Clicks on exact phrases what you have added: What all the keywords you have targeted inside your keyword list followed by “” symbol, your ads will be shown for these phrases only. People can’t see your ads if they haven’t mentioned all the words in their query which are matching with your list.
  • Prevent your money from unwanted clicks: You can save up to 70% of your budget by not getting the irrelevant clicks on your ads. And though you won’t be charged for any unwanted impressions.
  • Get higher Click Through Rate: If you will create a relevant and the impressive ad copies, you can get the better click-through rate (CTR) further which will help you to achieve better ad position even by paying lower Cost-Per-Click.
  • Get higher Ad Position: If your CTR and Quality Score is maintained, you can get a better Ad Position by using the Phrase match type. Because it will only show your ads to those audiences who are searching for closely relevant and your targeted keywords only.
  • Get more dedicated customer for your business: Since the phrase match keywords don’t work broadly, you will get the highly interested leads only for your product or services. In other terms, you will get the hot leads which may be converted in coming days without giving a lot of more effort.

Key points to remember while using Phrase Match Type inside your Google Campaigns

  • Your ads will be shown for singular or plural forms & misspellings.
  • The Jumbling of words are allowed to show your ads
  • If you will create relevant ad copies, your Quality Score will be managed automatically and you might get 10 out of 10 scores in it.
  • You will get good CTR due to creating relevant ad copies and meeting the user searched query requirements
  • Don’t mix and match broad match, BMM and phrase match type keywords inside a single campaign. It will confuse the google algorithm to manage the audience and budget which may lead you to lose the money on unwanted and irrelevant clicks.

4. Exact Match – Google AdWords Keywords Match Type

Google Ads Exact Match Type

The fourth keywords match type id Exact Match. If you belong to a competitive business and have a limited budget, we recommend you to go for Exact Match Keywords. It allows showing your ads on the query which are 100% matching with the keywords you have targeted inside your campaigns. The Exact Match Type is denoted by the symbol [ ].

Example of Exact Match Keywords

Your Targeted keywords:

  1. [PPC Services in Dubai]
  2. [Google Ads Agency India]
  3. [Affordable Google Advertiser]
  4. [Freelance Content Writer]
  5. [Blog Content Writer]
  6. [Technical Content Writer]

Your Ad will not be visible for below terms and more:

  1. Google PPC Services in Dubai
  2. Google Advertising Agency India
  3. Affordable Google Advertiser in India
  4. Freelance Content Writer near me
  5. Low-Cost Blog Content Writer
  6. Technical Content Writer n Delhi

Benefits of using Exact Match Keywords in Google AdWords Campaigns

  • Near about zero irrelevant clicks: In BMM, there are chances to get some irrelevant traffic but in Exact match, your ads will be shown to 100% relevant users only based on your targeted keywords
  • Achieve 10/10 Quality Score: Create the highly relevant and impressive multiple ad copies to get 10 out of 10 Quality Score easily
  • Maintain your CTR: Exact Match Type will help you to maintain the better CTR by showing your ads on exactly matched queries only.
  • Target the Hot Audience only: This match types being used to target the top of the funnel audience who are near to be converted into sales.
  • Pay only for selected keywords: Unlike to other match types, you will be charged for showing your ads only for your targeted keywords because google will not showcase the ads on other queries which are even slightly different to your targeted one’s.

Key points to remember while using Exact Match Keywords inside your Google Campaigns

  • Your ads will be shown for singular or plural forms & misspellings.
  • Jumbling of words are not allowed to show your ads in case of Exact Match.
  • Exact Match mostly used for high-intent keywords such as purchase, buy, location-specific etc.
  • Create a separate campaign for different match type keywords too, so that you won’t miss a large number of other users who are valuable for your business but can’t see your ads due to searching some other query which is not matching with your targeted exact match phrase.
  • Don’t mix and match BMM, Phrase & Exact Match keywords inside a single campaign. Because due to uncategorized campaigns, the Google algorithm might get confused to manage your budget properly and showing the ads to a relevant audience as well.
  • To get the best out of Exact Match, the first experiment with some other match types keywords and then based on your ad history, create a separate campaign targeting exact match.

5. Negative – Google AdWords Keywords Match Type

Last but not least. On top of all of the above match types, without using negative keywords, believe me, you are going to ruin your budget quickly. Negative keywords have the power to prevent showing your ads on the irrelevant query in a simple way. Only you will have to create a list of irrelevant words and then add the list inside your campaign setting. You can add the negative list along with any types of targeted keywords. You must use it even with the Exact Match type.

To add negatives, simply create a list like below and then use it by giving a name to the list.

List of Few Common Negative Words for Google Ads: –


Download the negative keyword list for the following niche:

B2B, B2C, Vehicle, Computer, Education, Job, Manufacturers, Deals, Media, Price, Quote, DIY, Materials, Legal, Adult and more.

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