Free Google Ads Keyword Tools & It’s Proper Use

How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool is a free online keyword research tool that gives you an average search volume of relevant keywords filtered by demographic and interest-based audience search.

How Does Keyword Tools Work?

What all the searches go on throughout the world, Google keeps it on its server. Later On, it helps you to get an idea of shortlisting keywords for your business niche. High level filtered data allow you to further shortlist it by location, device, operating system, screen size, interest, date range, and more.

The average keywords shown in the keyword list are more than 600 relevant to your search.
After choosing the best keywords for your biz, You can use it to optimize your website and can also use this KWs in Google Adwords Campaigns.

These Keyword list helps you to use for content creation, search engine optimization (ON PAGE & OFF PAGE), Social Media Optimization, Youtube Video Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertising or other marketing activities.

Why Is Google Keyword Planner Tool is One of The Best Free Keyword Research Tools?

Because Google gives you real data directly fetching from their database which is organically searched by visitors through multiple ways.

Tips: Open the Google Trends and search your selected keywords one by one to see the popularity of those keywords within 5 years. And only opt those keywords which search graph is going higher or consistent for a long time. But it is for SEO purpose only.

Did you noticed, you can use Keyword Planner only with your AdWords account?
There is a reason for that. Keyword Planner is a tool basically created to use when you want to run Google Ads Campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner Tool for Advertising

You don’t need to worry about the keyword limitations when you run any Adwords Campaign. You will wonder to know that you can use 5 Millions of Keywords within a Google Adwords Account.

For better optimization of your Ads, see the keyword ideas section under Google Keywords Planner. It gives you ad group wise keywords to make your campaign organized by minimizing the efforts.

This optimized keyword list helps you to achieve Low Cost Per Click, Higher Click Through Rate and maximum Return on Investment.

To use Keyword Planner right away, first sign in to your AdWords Account. If you don’t have an AdWords account, you can register with your Gmail ID & Password.


  • Keywords Research: To see the list of keywords searched on Google under your business niche, simply put your website URL and add a few relevant words. Rest leave on Google. After submitting the query, it will show you a huge list of keywords.
  • Get Traffic Forecasts & Historical Statistics: The keyword searched page also shows you the number of averages searched in a month for each keyword. This info helps you to take the decision for selecting the KW on the basis of popularity. With this data, you can also see the average competition and clicks bid for the same. Again, its help you set bid rate by keeping your ads budget in mind.
  • Ads Relevancy: It’s important info provided by Google, which will further help you to create your ads relevant to Adwords Campaign.
    Though, it depends on you that how innovative you are going to utilize these KW data to maximize your ROI.

Tips: To make better performing Ads, create separate AdGroups for categorised keywords and make multiple Ads under each Adgroup.

Refine your Search by adding some negative keywords using a phrase, website or category:

To get more filtered keyword ideas, add some negative search terms. And then use the given filtered keywords to make your campaign more optimized.

Trust me, it will save your budget from unnecessary clicks.

Get new Keyword List using Multiply feature

What all the possible keywords you could think, you have already searched for the details. But what about the rest possible keywords which didn’t come into your mind. Well, again Google won’t let you down here. They have already given you the solution for getting more keyword ideas.

Use multiply option at the time of keyword research. In two columns, you can put single-single words or phrases probably can be searched to find your services. Now submit and sit back to see Google’s automatic tools magic.

For Example, suppose you are planning to advertise SEO Services. You want to target some locations to optimize your service page. Now in the first column, put your service keywords and in the second one put the locations you want to target for.

Keyword list 1Keyword list 2
On-Page SEODelhi
Off-Page SEOBangalore
SEO ServicesUS

The Google Keyword Planner Tool automatically create a number of keywords phrase by cross multiplying these KWs provided by you. Now shortlist the best relevant KWs suits to your business.

Steps to use Google Keyword Planner Tool

1. Click Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
2. Enter one or more of the following options in the boxes :

  • Words or phrases that are relevant to your advertisement.
  • The webpage URL or home page URL.
  • Category of your service or products

3. Click Get ideas.
4. Review your keywords from the Ad group ideas tab (which you’ll see by default) or the Keyword ideas tab.

Tips: To further filter or manipulate the keyword list given by Google, or to put it in ascending or descending order to minimize your extra effort and time, download it’ CSV file and open it in MS Excel on your system. Select the first row and apply the filter from the Data tab. Now reorder it within a snap of a finger as per your requirements.

Hope you just learned few new things from this blog. Your response will inspire me to share more knowledge with you using my experience and skill. So please like, share & leave your comment below. You can also Contact Us for any query or services such as Google Ads or Content Writing.

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