How to Earn Money From Youtube? Detailed Step by Step Guide

How to Earn Money From Youtube? Step by Step Guide

How To Make Money On YouTube?

If you have searched on the internet for ‘how to make money online, you may have come across many sources that let you earn money online.

On every website you have gone after searching, you may have seen some common ways to earn money online. One of the most common ways that have been noticed on every website is – earning money from YouTube.

Now, if I were talking about something else, I should give an introduction to it. YouTube is such a thing that it needs no introduction. We often use YouTube throughout the day for several reasons.

We use YouTube for entertainment; we use YouTube for educational purposes. Now YouTube is even becoming a place for TV channels to broadcast their shows on this platform.

YouTube Has Grown A lot And Will Be Growing.

At a time, there was no other option to search in Google a question, but things have rapidly changed, and YouTube has been successful in placing as one of the major alternative search engines compared to Google.

Reports say that there are mainly 2 search platforms in today’s world; the first one, as we all know, is Google itself, but the second one, which probably most of us don’t know, is YouTube. However, being was a very popular search engine at a time now, hardly any people.

Though YouTube is a part of the tech giant company Google, YouTube is slowly reviewing its entry into the web as a great search engine.

And The question may have arrived: why is YouTube different from Google?

We all know that in Google search, when we search for a particular turn (which is known as a keyword in the field of Search engine optimization), it ends with a search result of many things. This includes many things, including many websites, videos, many news images, and so on. But on YouTube, we get search results only for videos that have been uploaded only on the internet.

But now we are observing that YouTube also includes a few search results from Google search, which generally occurs when there are no sufficient videos on that particular topic on YouTube, and sufficient staff is available in Google that may answer your question and query.

A thing that I will share and you may not know is that if you search for anything in Google, in most cases, with a list of the videos in the search – it is often seen that the video search result in Google includes videos mostly from YouTube, the reality is that Google also includes videos from other sources too.

As YouTube has a great platform and as YouTube is owned by Google, Google generally ranks YouTube at the top place.

Unless you live in a cave, you will certainly know what YouTube is, but still, if you are seeking a definition of YouTube, it is here –

YouTube video sharing platform where the video creators upload their videos and the audience and / her fans watch the videos.

Well, this was a very rough definition of what is called YouTube, but from this definition, it will be clear what YouTube is.

Before starting in business, you need some knowledge about it and need to know about how you will treat your customers. Considering YouTube as a business, you need to know how you will behave with your viewers.

We have discussed some basic points that you must keep in mind if you want to grow more on YouTube.

First of all, never post clickbait videos on YouTube.

Clickbait may appear as a new word to you if you are just a beginner on YouTube. Clickbait videos are those videos that promise you to show some content through their thumbnail and title, but when you click on the videos and start to watch the video, you realize that the content of the video is totally different from what was stated on the title and the thumbnail.

Why Should You Not Upload Videos Like This?

The simple answer is doing this and uploading these types of views will result in losing your viewer’s trust. Remember in mind that no successful YouTube has ever used this policy to generate fake views on their YouTube channel.

Make a video and choose a topic that will genuinely grow interested in the audience, and the audience will itself come to your videos to watch your videos.

You make great videos, and the audience will come to your videos just as if your videos are a magnet and they are a piece of iron. And in the field of YouTube, this is known as an iron magnet law.

Now you can think :

What Will Happen If You Upload This Type Of Video?

Indeed, you may somehow generate tons of views and likes in the video with a click bet, but if you want to apply on YouTube to run ads in your videos with these types of videos in YouTube channels, the YouTube staff will watch your videos, and if they realize that this video was our clickbait video, they will not only remove your video from YouTube but also made in your channel from this entire YouTube family.

Not only the YouTube stuff but if someone reports your videos to be a clickbait video company, the above steps to you.

Now let’s talk about the ways in which you can make money on YouTube:

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are the most popular way to earn money from YouTube. Almost every YouTube earns money in this way. Whether you have a small or a big channel – people always choose this as their primary source to earn money on YouTube.G

What Is This:

YouTube ads are the process of earning money on YouTube where content creators (video marks) upload their videos on YouTube and apply for monetization, and after they get the monetization, they run ads on their channel and generate revenue from it.

Seems easy, right?

Yes, it may. But the above way was a clear-cut way to earn money from YouTube, but the reality is a bit – a great bit different from it.

But, don’t worry, you can achieve it too? How? Let’s find out –

To run YouTube ads and generate revenue from it, you will need to maintain certain criteria. The process of achieving this criterion was very easy before 3-4 years or so, but as YouTube is growing, its developers are making it hard to get the approval to run ads on YouTube.

Let us know a little bit of history; I mean- the history is about how you could achieve the requirement to run ads if you were starting a YouTube channel 3 years ago or so.

To get revenue from YouTube in 2017/2018, you need to have at least 10,000 (ten thousand) views on your YT channel. Yes, it seems a matter which can not be believed, but that was true. There were no criteria of subscribers and watched as of now.

But, as this rule was running, there appeared a great problem that some dishonest you tubers were requesting others to watch their videos or were paying to some scammers so that they could go more and more views in their channel odd-even word clicking on their videos to generate views so that they can reach the certain threshold.

YouTube found that this way to get monetized was illegal, so they implemented a new rule. This rule came into effect somewhere between 2017 and 18.

This rule declared that if a YouTube content creator wanted their channel to get monetized didn’t need to have the following criteria :

YouTube Monetization Eligibility Criteria:

A YouTube will need at least 1000 subscribers on its YouTube channel at the time of applying for monetization.

With it, YouTube content creators will need to have at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months from the date of applying for monetization.

But, this process of applying for monetization on YouTube is not just limited to fulfilling the above criteria.

To run ads on YouTube videos, YouTube You first need to comply with YouTube partner policy. YouTube partner policy is a program where you can enroll to get ads shown on your YouTube videos.

It will be like joining the YouTube content creator family that runs ads on their videos and generates good revenue from YouTube.

Rules For Getting Eligible:

There are many rules that you need to follow if you want to apply for a YouTube partner program. It is not possible to include all the rules in this list, but for your information, we are including some of the most vital rules that you must follow if you want to run ads on your YouTube videos.

First of all, if you are creating videos on YouTube now, you may know that whenever you have to upload a video on YouTube, you need to select an option that says whether the video is for kids or not – here, you have to give the proper information about it.

If the video you are making and uploading on YouTube is for kids, you need to select that this video is eligible for kids to work, or if you are making videos that are not old kids, then you have to make sure that you select no this video is not for kids option.

This is a very important step to follow – and in recent updates of YouTube, YouTube is saying that they are focusing more and more on this rule and checking every time a creator applies for monetization whether he has given all the right information in all the videos about kids or not.

Say that if you are saying that your videos are eligible for kids to watch, but in reality, they are not – you will not get permission to run ads on your videos despite having 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

If you do not comply with the YouTube partner program and do this, if you get this approval from YouTube after fulfilling the criteria and applying for monetization, it will be very difficult to apply again and again YouTube’s trust in you again.

If you want to learn more about the YouTube partner policy, you may search it on Google with the turn YouTube partner program policy, and you will get the complete list of the to-do and don’ts there.

A Brief Precaution After Getting Approval:

Suppose you have got approval for running ads on your YouTube channel. It will be best not to stop your business there. It is seen that after the creators get approval for their YouTube channel, they suddenly stop uploading the videos and hope to generate revenue from the videos that they have already uploaded.

Samirsinh uploads videos that violate YouTube partner program policy and the things that as they have got approval from YouTube, we can upload anything they wish. This idea is totally false – you cannot upload any video that you wish on YouTube after you have got YouTube approval to run ads.

Even when you have got approval, if YouTube for the audience of your videos watches something strange in your videos that violate YouTube partner program policy, they may delete your videos, and in the worst case, they may even terminate your YouTube account.

Don’t take it as a joke, as YouTube has already terminated the accounts of some dishonest you tubers who had a subscriber base of over 1 or 2 lakh. The number of subscribers that don’t come in factor when you violet YouTube partner policy.

So you must be very careful about it.

Another popular way to earn money online is affiliate marketing: click to visit the complete affiliate marketing beginners guide.

Sponsored videos:

YouTube Sponsored Video

Sponsored videos are one of the major sources of earning money from YouTube after YouTube ads. Many of the popular YouTube and almost half of their YouTube revenues are from these sponsored videos and sponsored content.

If you are a daily visitor of this blog, you know that in the post on how to earn money from Facebook, we also discussed this same process.

But if you are not a daily of our blog or if you do not know what sponsored content or a sponsored video is, here is a basic knowledge of sponsored video for you-

Suppose you have a product that you want to sell to a large number of people; what you have to do is that you have to promote the product through advertisements in different mediums.

And in business, it is the most effective way to do advertisements by advertising thug a man/woman whom the public like and whom people trust. In simple words, you should choose a trustworthy public feature if you want to do some advertisements.

And you tubers are those figures whom the public like very much. Most of you tubers watch the videos regularly so that it becomes very close to the viewer’s heart. And as they are close to people’s hearts, people generally believe in their words, and advertisers take this opportunity.

They usually request you tubers to promote their products, and you tubers take some reasonable amount of money from them to promote the product among their viewers. This is a place where the number of subscribers plays a vital role.

Suppose you have a lot of subscribers in your channel; that simply means that you have a larger audience base. Whenever an advertiser wants to promote his products, he always wants a larger audience base to talk about his products.

If your channel has many subscribers, you can even charge more compared to other small you tubers for promoting a particular product. And that’s how you will earn money from sponsored content.

Whenever you get sponsorship from anyone, don’t forget your objective. If you teach something educational in your channel, you will never promote products like Vimal pan masala.

And one more thing – if you do sponsorship of any product, be sure that the product you are promoting is genuine or does effective work.

If you don’t follow this rule, it may cause the generation of this dis-belief in your subscriber base, and it will cause a great problem for your channel.

Super chat:

YouTube Super Chat

Super check is a brand new feature introduced by YouTube in recent times for big you tubers to earn money directly from their subscribers. Super chat comes into play when you do any kind of live streaming or premier video on your channel.

What is super chat:

By the name, the concept of super chat becomes a little bit clear. When you do live stream, your viewers generally comment on your videos, but as a lot of people comment at the same time, it becomes very hard for one’s comment to stick in the live chat box for some time.

But, if you want your comment to show in the live chat box for some time, you can use the feature of super chat on YouTube. In this process, you pay your favorite YouTube a certain amount of money, and your comment is shown in a highlighted format that everyone watching the live stream.

If you have enough money to spend, you can use the feature to attract the attention of your favorite YouTube and ask your desired question.

YouTubers get the money if the viewer has paid into their account after a specific period, and that’s how you can earn from this source. But, to earn money from super chat, your channel must be big and must have more than 100K subscribers.

Super Thanks:

YouTube Super Thanks

This is also almost the same as the above but has a little difference. Think of this, you watch your favorite YouTuber’s video for free on YouTube, but you are very generous and want to pay a little bit of a contribution for his works, content, and video.

In this case, you can donate the YouTube money via super thanks. Surely, you can also earn from this process.

But, in this case, there is no hard and fast rule that YouTube must need to arrange a live stream. In the ordinary video also, your subscriber can pay you some amount in the form of their love and respect.


YouTube MemberShip

We all heard of Disney plus hot star / save sponsorship while watching cricket matches or the recent Olympics, right?

Membership is a process in which you pay a particular amount of money for a service.

This process is available on YouTube too. We all know that on YouTube, we don’t pay for watching sports, but there are many things on YouTube (for example, a premium course) for watching which we need to pay to the respective YouTube.

And, that’s how you will earn money. If there is JOSH and DAM in your video (if your video has great and worthy content), people will certainly pay you for watching your video.

With this feature, you can also give your paid subscribers unpublished videos before a certain period of time.


Youtube Merchandise

This is just like any E-Commerce store where you buy your different products by spending money. In this process, a YouTuber can promote his or her products using the stored option on YouTube.

Whenever his or her subscribers purchase the product, he or they will get the amount from YouTube.

In this process, you can also make good products for your subscribers and sell them among subscribers.

YouTube generally opens a big platform for selling those merchandise.

These were the best and easiest ways to make money from YouTube.

There are also some popular ways to make money from YouTube, but in this post, we are not going to discuss them.

Some questions may have arrived in your mind; let’s find them in the FAQ section.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can I Earn Money From YouTube?

You can earn money from YouTube in genuine ways. The best ways to earn money from YouTube have been discussed above in this article.

How Much Money Can I Earn With YouTube?

YouTube, you can earn a lot of money. There is no certain limit to earning money on YouTube. The More news you have, the more income you can generate.

What Is The Best Way To Earn From YouTube?

Running ads on your videos using Google AdSense is the best way to earn money from YouTube through your YouTube channel. You don’t have to work hard after you have got Google AdSense approval on your YouTube channel. After AdSense approval in your channel, you just have to post videos, and you would be your will come to your YouTube channel just like a magnet if your video has valuable content and knowledge, as we discussed above. Earning from sponsorship is also good, but for getting sponsorship, you need a good subscriber base.

How Much Income Can I Generate With 1000 Views In My Video?

The amount of money you can generate with your YouTube channel for 1000 is not limited and is not certain. It mostly depends on where your subscribers are watching your videos and whether they are clicking on the ads or not. You will get more revenue if your audience is watching your videos from regions like the United States of America and England, and Australia, but if your audience is watching your videos from places like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, you will generate less money.

The audience is watching nude videos from India, and you can get about 50 Rs. 1000 views. You can generate even more revenue if your viewers click on your ads. You can generate up to 10x revenue if the user clicks on an ad. If you have an audience who watches your videos from the United States, you can even generate 100 rupees per 1000 views.

How Can I Withdraw My YouTube Earnings To My Bank Account?

If you want to withdraw your earnings from your bank account, you need to achieve the starting threshold of payment. You must have $100 in your AdSense account to withdraw money from Google AdSense to your bank. Whenever you have $100 in your account, you will get notifications from YouTube; you can even check your AdSense page frequently to know the status of your earnings. After achieving 100 dollars in your Google AdSense account, you can make a request, and the money will reach your bank account by the next month, or it may even take some time for the money to reach your bank account if you are making the first withdrawal request.

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