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Top 40 PPC Interview Questions – Google Ads Interview Questions for Experienced & PPC Experts

PPC Interview Questions for Experienced
Google Ads (PPC) Interview Questions For FRESHER's & EXPERIENCED

Below are the top 40 PPC Google Adwords Interview Questions which may help you to crack the coming interviews. This SEM Interview Questions will help you to crack the jobs in MNCs such as Accenture, Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys & others. Prepare well for these all PPC Ads Interview questions and you are ready for your next PPC Job. After getting selected, come back to this page for leaving the comment. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates.

List of Google Ads PPC Interview Questions

  1. Describe few Google Ads Accounts if you have been handled individually.
  2. After launching campaigns, how many days should we wait to analyze the performance?
  3. What would you do if your ads got disapproved?
  4. How Can You Optimize Your CPC Campaign in Search Ads?
  5. How will you improve your Ad Position?
  6. How will you improve conversion rates?
  7. How will you optimize ad copies?
  8. What all factors affect Landing Page Quality?
  9. How does Google Ads determine your Ad Position?
  10. How can you improve your Ads Quality Score?
  11. An Advertiser Wants To Increase The Quality Score Of A Low-performing Keyword. Which Approach Would You Recommend?
  12. How does the quality of a landing page affect the conversion rate?
  13. What are the number of limitations for creating Campaigns, Ad Groups & Ad Copies inside a Google Ads Account?
  14. What is Remarketing Campaign?
  15. What are the benefits of Remarketing?
  16. What types of Remarketing Campaigns are there in Google Ads?
  17. Which Remarketing Campaign is best to run?
  18. What is Conversion Tracking?
  19. How will you track the conversions in Google Ads?
  20. How will you calculate the success of your campaigns?
  21. How would you ensure that your Pay Per Click campaign is effective?
  22. How do you calculate ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)?
  23. How would you calculate CTR (Click Through Rate)?
  24. Does CTR (Click-Through-Rate) help in improving the quality score?
  25. How will you calculate the Conversion Rates (CR) in Google Ads?
  26. Can you use Frequency Capping on the Search Network?
  27. How familiar are you with your competitors and their current PPC strategies?
  28. What factors would you work on to reduce the cost of campaigns without losing the number of traffic?
  29. If our current campaign isn’t performing well then how can you increase conversions?
  30. If you are managing several Google Ads Accounts and using a standard password for all of your client’s accounts, which additional information is needed to access the client account?
  31. We want to create a new campaign. What will be your strategy to create a successful campaign?
  32. What PPC strategy would you propose for branded products?
  33. If a competitor is bidding on your trademarked keyword and refuses to stop. What would you do?
  34. Which match type will be most effective for the Shopping Campaigns?
  35. How will you analyze to target the audience segments?
  36. What is parallel tracking and how does it work?
  37. What are the important things a New Adwords Advertiser must know?
  38. As a Search Engine Marketing Expert, what advice do you like to give to someone who has just started using Google Adwords?
  39. With respect to your personal experience, what is your average and highest QS?
  40. Why do you want to make a career in PPC Marketing – paid advertising technique?

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