Top 15 PPC Landing Page Checklist - How to Create Google Ads Optimized Landing Page? Mithvin

Top 15 PPC Landing Page Checklist – How to Create Google Ads Optimized Landing Page?

Top 15 Google Adwords Landing Page Checklist

Landing page is the place where you want to let your visitors go just after clicking your ads showing by Google Ads Services or through organic result i.e. On Page SEO or Off Page SEO. It’s recommended to make a user friendly and easy navigational landing page to make your Ads worth for the money. If we talk about the PPC Landing Page Checklist, it should be something like user doesn’t go away within a short time after clicking your ads.

The landing page should meet the requirement of you visitors to fulfill their needs. A relevant & optimized PPC Landing page also helps you to maximize your ROI. Because Google gives a Quality Score to each ad on the basis of keywords relevancy, landing page experience & Click-through-rate.

So without spending more time on discussing “What is PPC Friendly Landing Page”, let’s move to the quick checklist of landing page for Google AdWords or PPC.

Note: Before creating a landing page, first target your goal & objective.

Here are the Top 15 PPC Landing Page Checklist (Google Ads)

1. Define Your Target Audience

You were serving either in B2B or B2C. After choosing one from these, select the targeted geographical location, age and interest of your customer. And then do some research for knowing the behavior of these client by region and category.

Now, prepare the design and content of your Landing Page by keeping their’s choice in mind

2. Convert Google Ad Clicks into sales by setting a Goal & Objective

Create an easy navigated product/ service details along with email building form. Which will help you to collect costumer’s data to follow up for converting leads into sales. Few examples of other goals can be:-

  • Collecting More Lead
  • Grab customer for Coupons & Discounts
  • Increase website traffic
  • Your Brand Awareness
  • Signups & Download
  • Move online visitors to your physical store
  • Remarketing

Tips: It’s better to set the goal with deadline for executing and achievement.

3. Relevant landing page with your Ads

Top 15 Google Adwords Landing Page Checklist

You can design a page in such a way, which elaborate your ads value. For example, if you are showing “Buy one get one offer” in your Google Ads, then it should be in details on your landing page. Like, what are the conditions for this offer, validity, value, rate, multiple products & so on.

The page should also reflect the same meaning as you shown to your customer through PPC Ads running by Google Ads Services.

4. Remove distracting options from your Landing Page

Make the page consistent to get each and everything relevant to your customer need, on a single page without giving any popups or other distractive options. Make them completely engaged on the same page till filling the lead generation form or making purchase.

5. Offer them multiple choices

The human behavior is to research and compare before making purchase of any product or sale. So leverage it with multiple package option for taking quick and easy purchase decision towards fulfilling the PPC Landing Page Checklist.

6. Why Your Service/ Product is best than others

Well, people love to get satisfied for warranty, customer support and easy service post purchasing from market. So, give them quick & easy support assurity to make a believe to stay with them at all time for the best service after making purchase.

7. Social Feedback

Recommendations or good reviews increase the chances of selling your goods or service. A buyer gets confidence for making a purchase on the basis of good reviews given by other consumers. So add the value on your page for building trust and authenticity about your service/ product.

8. Call to Action

After gathering all the details related to your service, it’s time for the buyer to take a step for closing the deals. So, add a proper and eye-catching CTA (Call-to-action) with good background and text colour, which insist your visitors take some action.

It should be to fill the contact form or to choose the package, and some other goal.

9. Responsive Page Layout

The era has been changed. The people spend most of their time on mobile rather desktop, laptop or other devices. Mostly, they browse On-the-Go (OTG). Obviously, you don’t want to lose a single chance of generating leads while running ads through Google Ads Services . So, it’s recommended to make your Landing Page responsive, which will automatically fit your web content on any devices. And it’s mainly used for engaging your client on mobile devices.

10. Page Loading Speed Does Matter

In this running life, no one wants to do browsing in slow internet connectivity. But sometimes it happened that due to some circumstances, a user will have to face slow browsing speed. So, make sure that your landing page loading time should be as lesser as possible. It will give immense pleasure to the user to stay a long time on your page, even if they are browsing in slow internet connectivity.

11. Content is the Key Factor to boost your Conversion

On online platforms, only the content is the communicator between you and your customer. So focus to use your top searched keywords within your site targeting main sections like Title, Sub-Headings, Paragraphs & Bullet Points. It will make your readers feel connected with the information they are looking for. The relevant content with your ad, give a good browsing experience to your customer which increase the chances of Higher Quality Score on Ads.

12. Quick Contact

Sometimes, when we go to any site for purchasing anything, we look forward to accessing quick support for instant question-answers before making the purchase. And we love to get connected with the customer support if it’s easier to connect. In the same way, your client would also like to contact you easily. And for doing so, you can add live chat option, a quick email or another widget for easy contact.

13. Better use of Sidebar Space

Sidebar on a page gives you a space to show your key points or featured information to your customer. You can use this space to collect email ID’s or subscribers too. But remember, don’t make the form hectic by adding captcha solving option there. As it can take more time to complete the process and sometimes it shows the error, which will give a frustrating experience to your client.

14. A/B Testing

It says, more your experiment, more you learn. Here also, to follow the best methods of PPC Landing Page Checklist, you can create a couple of landing page for testing purpose. And then run the ads by targeting both separately. After a few days, you can see, which landing pages have got more visitors. And after calculating ROI and other factors, you can continue with the more convertible Landing Page. So would suggest you use A/B testing before running your ads for longer times.

15. Make it for your good customer experience, not for the Google

This is last, but not the least. Whenever you design any contextual page, ads or other things, always observe it once as a customer. Ask yourself, is it user-friendly for you? Is it easy to get answered your query from this info? Is it looking unique and eye-catching? And a number of few more questions.

If you will get the answer is “YES”, it means you are in the right direction. It is going to be loved by your customer and going to give you a very good Return-on-Investment. A user-friendly layout is one of the key points in PPC Landing Page Checklist.

Trust me, if you will design it by analyzing it from a customer experience, Google is not going to stop you to spread your info throughout the globe. Because the mission of Google is to provide the best experience to the user. And, Google Algorithm is also made to give a quick and easy solution to visitors. So, should focus on the customer experience & automatically it will be appreciated by Google’s Bot.

After creating PPC Friendly Landing page, you can go for “Affordable Google Adwords Campaign Management Services” starting at Rs. 1000 Only or you can create Google Adwords Campaign by own.

Wish you get a great ROI ahead after following these points!

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