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Top Free and Paid Search Engine Optimization Tools to Track Your Website Performance

Top Free and Paid SEO Tools

Without SEO tools, Almost Impossible to enhance your website ranking in search engines. Fortunately, numerous developers have developed both paid and free SEO solutions. You want to distinguish your website from the others and these tools are vital to this. There are many excellent free SEO tools, but paid tools are good value for money.

Free Seo Tools 

You don’t have to always rely on paid tools to improve your SEO and There are some free tools only that you need to pay to just simply enjoy it and check out the best free SEO tools that can boost your organic rankings on search engines.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool developed by Google. It can be used to generate keyword ideas from a website or URL or up to 10 seed keywords.

You also can use Google’s Search Analytics to show your own keywords by using the Google Search Console. Google Search Analytics and Google Search Console operate together to start immediately from the Analytics page.

While it does have limits, such as a lack of absolute search volumes, Keyword Planner is beneficial for generating keyword ideas that you would not be able to obtain using standard keyword research tools.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free Google service that allows you to track and troubleshoot the performance of your website in their search results.

You may also use Google Search Analytics with Google Search Console to show how your custom keywords work. Google Search Analytics and Google Search Console operate hand in hand to start from the Analytics page directly.

It can be used to locate and correct technical mistakes, submit sitemaps, inspect structured data difficulties, and more.

Google Analytics 

Analytics is a priceless tool that is nearly unavoidable for any digital marketer who is serious about SEO.

It delivers a wealth of information on websites, including the number of visitors, traffic sources, and demographics by area.

With Google Analytics’ detailed data, digital marketers can fine-tune their content strategy and determine what works and what doesn’t.

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BuzzSumo is a fantastic SEO research tool. Its Chrome extension is one of the few that can reliably predict the number of social shares for any piece of content. With a free account, you won’t get as much data as you would with a paid subscription, but you will still have access to top content and trending statistics. It’s one of our web tools.


It’s difficult to know what to say about Cloudflare because there are so many positive things to say. It offers a free CDN, as well as easy DNS control and 100 percent free DDoS protection. You can stay on a paid plan indefinitely, but the pro features are extremely cool and really reasonable if you’re ready to upgrade.

Keywords Everywhere (Browser Addon) 

Keyword research is the core of successful SEO methods, and Keywords Everywhere offers a handy Chrome and Firefox browser add-on to find keyword trends.

It provides information on search volume, competition, and CPC value when you enter a possible keyword. Popularity query data is helpful in creating content of high quality and making your audience happy.

It works on Bing, YouTube, and other Websites, too, every keyword extends beyond Google.

You can start your SEO investigation by launching a new browser tab as an extension and compiling information.


Another excellent Chrome addon, WooRank explains wherever you’re on the webpage. You can ask WooRank to make a quick assessment if websites do not have an existing score.

With the use of SEO parameters such as keyword performance and content architecture, WooRank produces web pages. It makes helpful comments on what you’re doing right.

The addon shows the influence of your title tags, headings, links, and more for SEO content optimization.

It splits your function into categories like usability and mobile optimization, encompassing numerous areas which are not evaluated by other free tools. 

Paid tools with free Trial 

Although it’s fun to acquire freebies, investing in paid tools can boost revenues and leads. Various tools are worth the cost and a full view of your SEO can be obtained through the paid features. Many of these products also provide free versions, but you want to go for paid versions for complete functionality.

Answer The Public

Answer The public is a reverse search engine that provides keywords with a variety of questions.

Once a keyword is entered, a cool graphic with the questions and phrases is found in this term. When searching for the keyword, it searches common queries.

These data give content creators insight into potential client’s concerns and requests, allowing them to create highly targeted content that meets these needs.

The public can also respond by utilizing “against,” “like” and “with” prepositional ideas.

It is a fantastic research tool that will enable you to develop better content and distribute it more frequently.

It gives 10 free queries per user/day.

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Ahrefs, a long-standing favorite, is widely utilized by SEO and is still included in toolkits for professional marketers.

Ahrefs includes a set of instruments, including ranking tracking, online monitoring, and content and keyword research.

Its index is vast with known links and a continual crawling of at least 16 billion. Backlinks are examined and detailed investigations are compiled by the site explorer.

Ahref also has many free tools such as Backlink, Broken Link Checker, etc.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is also recognized as an SEO tool because it brings numerous features together in a single package.

Moz Pro offers a wide number of components to aid your organization, especially for large businesses. It shows distinct stages of SEO from crawling to keyword research, and it’s competent to track your campaign advancements.

Moz Pro delivers an amazing view of visibility on both local and national fronts. Such reports let you apply genuine advice, link opportunities, and considerations on content quality.


Behind Majestic is an extensive link map that is excellent for knowing your website’s place on the web.

Majestic has a website explorer, historical background study, and a search engine that focuses your page on the larger scheme.

You are able specifically in the link building to convey the enormous image of your website to make the right alterations. It manages enormous linkages and Majestic even gives industry authorities a “topical confidence flow” in your vicinity. It also searches domains — even competitive ones — and delivers correct information to formulate your approach.


It’s also a cheaper SEO tool to keep your marketing spending.

SEMrush is a marketing software capable of boosting your internet search engine exposure. This resource extends your reach by providing fact-based insights into your SEO technique if you want to see your organic circulation increase.

It compares areas with their associated keyword rankings and allows you to connect to the top-ranked keywords of competitors.

The solutions from SEMrush showcase numerous technical tests to keep your search engine position up to date. Your program consists of 50+ tools for sharpening your SEO strategy and guidance in content.

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Raven Tools 

Raven Tools has evolved monitoring and reporting skills through multiple similar products, as a prominent site checker.

Raven Tools scores your website SEOs in a viewing style. Whether you have problems with mobility or are aware of your off-page SEO, Raven Tools is an extraordinary time-saving solution. The 17 metrics look at your practices on our site and help you to support your Google and related engine pages, code, design, and layout.

Raven Tools offers an excellent solution to save time, whether you have mobility issues or are conscious of your off-page SEO. The 17 metrics examine your practice on our site and aid assist your pages, code, design, and layout with your Google and related engines.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 

The Frog SEO Spider Screaming is useful and thorough to assess search engine websites. It serves as a bot to assess your SEO technique and deliver a bot’s advice.

Quick feedback is one of the most interesting characteristics of SEO Spider from your site. The health of your SEO website is diagnosed in real-time.

As a tool for analysis. It identifies redirections, server problems, links removed, duplicate contents, and other impediments damaging your ratings.

A lot of weak points needing TLC are found in Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It points to these mistakes if you have empty or repetitive meta descriptions.

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There is no lack of internet SEO tools. To locate the ideal ones for you, please be sure to shop, subscribe and compare for a few free trials. We’ve observed some effective SEO tools to help your business grow and fulfill your needs.

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