Why Bloggers Are Hiring Professional Content Writers Rather AI Writers? Mithvin

Why Blog Owners Are Hiring Professional Content Writer Rather than AI Writers?

Why Blog Owners Hire Professional Content Writer Rather than AI Writers

The world is technologically evolving at a great speed. High-speed internet, automated machines, and virtual assistants are perfect examples to see how far we have reached, which wasn’t even thought of in the past. All these advancements in technology are for our betterment and convenience.

The latest inclusion to these amazing inventions is artificial intelligence (AI). AI has taken over every possible sphere of our life, which has been effective in mimicking human actions and is programmed to think like humans.

Even in the area of content writing, AI has been playing a significant role. It is surprising to note that artificial intelligence is used nowadays to generate articles and other types of content required in the field of digital marketing. Seeing its effectiveness, it is often speculated that AI will soon overtake real humans in doing their job.

But the thing to ponder here is whether AI writing tools are going to replace professional content writers in the near future. Are they capable enough to replace real writers? Even if they are, why are blog owners still going for real content writers rather than AI writing tools?

Let’s find out the possibilities and consequences of AI writers over professional content writers.

5 Quick Reasons – Why Blog Owners Hiring Professional Content Writers Rather AI Writers?

When we discuss the future of content writers, some experts speculate that it is quite possible that AI will soon overtake real jobs with more effectiveness and accuracy. But there are some people who believe that AI will never match up to the capabilities of a real human being, though it has reached a great extent in mimicking human actions and capabilities.

There are certain drawbacks of AI tools that don’t allow blog owners to rely upon them completely and go for human writers. 

Let us see what the reasons or drawbacks of AI writing tools are.

1] Lack Of Emotions

It is worth noting that a piece of content that is created by a human is generally made up of emotional pull. Unless a professional content writer does not connect their audiences with their writing, it is impossible for them to tell a story about a business, plan or even give any information.

Original content provides its readers with an opportunity to read about untold stories in an interesting manner. AI-written content lacks interaction with its audience with emotions. While writing content, a writer is aware of the emotions that need to be put into their work and changes it accordingly. At the same time, an AI writes very mechanically, which does not connect with the readers.


2] Lack Of Creativity

When it comes to creativity, humans are obviously superior to artificial intelligence. The reason is that humans are natural storytellers and have the ability to query makes them far superior to any technologically advanced AI. 

Artificial intelligence work according to what its makers have fed them with, and this is why they can’t think beyond anything in their memory. They fall short of understanding what different audiences want, and their content is often considered plain without any variation. Its results are often monotonous, sometimes redundant, and definitely lack creativity.

3] Unrelatable Content 

AI written content is mostly filled with nuances like lack of creativity, originality, emotions, etc., which makes it unrelatable to the readers. It doesn’t tell stories or anecdotes that real writers do. It cannot form original content and unique content. Their contents are mostly taken from other sources and have hardly anything new to add. This makes the content boring and unrelatable to the audience.

4] Lack Of Accuracy 

While some vouch for AI’s accuracy, they are not 100% accurate. Though the makers are constantly trying to improve its accuracy, it isn’t a perfect choice for those who are on the lookout for quality content. They have a formulaic approach which results in poor output.

AI writing tools do not always produce content that is cent percent accurate and contains irrelevancy and errors. AI is sometimes not able to decipher different tones of the write-up, which a professional content writer can easily do.

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5] Lack Of Engaging Content 

When any one of the above-mentioned points is not present in the content, it is unable to provide an engaging read to the audience. With the help of anecdotes, questions, comments, and feedback, content is made engaging, which an AI is incapable of. 

The content written by AI writers lacks variation in tone and format and is presented the same way throughout the whole of it. It discourages the audience from participating in engaging content and connecting to it.


It is true that artificial intelligence has reached a considerable height of success, but the content that it produces will always lack emotion, human aspect, and nuances that only a human writer can produce. AI-written articles often need rewriting and human touch to make them more engaging. And this is why blog owners still look for original writers rather than relying on AI writing tools. So, if you want to exponentially grow your website traffic by serving valuable information to your readers, then always prefer to hire a professional content writing company like Mithvin. It is a one-stop solution to all your writing needs starting from keyword research to making catchy topics and finally delivering consistent work with perfect proofreading skills.

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