Will ChatGPT Wipe Out The Existence Of Human Writers? Shocking Facts Inside!

Will ChatGPT Wipe Out The Existence Of Human Writers?

Will ChatGPT Wipe Out The Existence Of Human Writers

The recently released artificial Intelligence chatbot, Chat GPT, is gaining wide attention because of its outstanding feature. It is said that its special ability to deal with certain tasks is great and soon going to replace jobs in the market. People are predicting that it is a threat to the jobs like programmers, translators, graphics designers, and content writers. The program’s ability to draft the articulated writing piece is making the content writers anxious. Is it going to happen? Are the writers who are in the field of journalism, filmmaking, and content writing need to worry? So we are going to explore whether ChatGPT will wipe out writers or not in this article.

ChatGPT Vs. Human Writers – Which Is Better?

I was initially astounded by looking at the compelling article created by ChatGPT. It uses the vast knowledge from the internet and puts that information in well-placed words in articles. Whereas, when I tend to see the same article from many writers, then I come to see a wide variety of knowledge and information which is different from each article depending upon the knowledge, experience, and opinion of the writer. 

This made me think again, and I came up with certain points to analyze if human writers are better or worse  than Chat GPT.

Top 7 Factors Human Writers Are Beating ChatGPT

1] Emotional Intelligence

ChatGPT cannot understand emotions, and hence it cannot draft a perfect piece while molding the emotional context which will suit the recipient. It will bluntly put the information in front of the reader. When it comes to humans, they are flexible in delivering sensitive information. 

When I asked the ChatGPT to write a movie script, it drafted a well-articulated script in front of me, but it lacked the human element. Different humans will react differently in the same situation, which a human can understand and write in the script, but this thing is incomprehensible to the ChatGPT. 

2] Creativity 

When it comes to creativity, humans can come up with a lot more unique and novel ideas, but this is not the case with ChatGPT. It comes up with ideas that are already discovered and are on the internet, which are not novel and unique. ChatGPT is a copycat and cannot replace humans, as humans bring ideas from infinite consciousness. 

Humans have transformed the world with their unique creative capability rather than the mugging up of things that the ChatGPT does. Scientific invention, political philosophy, ideology, and social structure are born from creative ideas and thought. This unique ability makes a human a good writer; hence it cannot outshine humans.

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3] Context 

ChatGPT lacks the understanding of context and intention as humans do. Humans can understand the context very well. They can write different articles based on different contexts. 

For example, if a client wants a hidden agenda of advertising, then the writer can mysteriously encode the message in an article that will suit the demand of the customer. These unique attributes cannot be understood by the ChatGPT; hence it cannot replace content writers.

4] Taste

Each individual has a unique taste and nature, which makes them humans. They put different perspectives or angles which are not on the internet. The ChatGPT only knows things that have gone public on the internet, but many things are kept private, whether it is related to property in a certain place, thing, or person. 

Humans have different tastes in writing and reading. Based on that, he/she drafts the article or content. For example, a journalist may write an article against the atrocity of the poor from a different country if he has sympathy for the poor.

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5] Deep Analysis

ChatGPT lacks deep thinking as humans do. It just presents facts and data. When you go through the articles, it just presents the flat articles on the requested prompt; it doesn’t include any deep thinking analysis as humans do. 

Humans can think deeply about topics and write compelling articles. It looks like the Chatbot is still a toddler who can trust whatever you say and say what is present on the internet without thinking about it. It gives flat information which lacks any human elements like creativity, emotions, and analysis.

6] Opinion

ChatGPT doesn’t have the ability to opinions which can be said to be critical as human forms wide articles based on opinion or ideology then hold. This makes each article of different individuals different. 

Whether he/she is a journalist, writer, editor, or content creator, everyone is ingrained with some form of opinion as the writing field makes you form some sort of opinion, whether it can be considered biased or not. This makes human writing different.

7] Thinking

Artificial Intelligence(Al) cannot think as humans do. This makes the human approach very unique. If you go to your friend and ask for some advice, then he/she will give mind-blowing advice while explaining the pros and cons while keeping you in different situations, and every time you go to different friends, all will give you different advice.

Even if the advice is the same, the way of convincing you that the advice is good for you will be different. Can this thing an Al do? No! Hence the writing of humans is unique and more useful than ChatGPT.

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The Tips To Beat ChatGPT

Develop the skill that ChatGPT cannot create. Always try to create the skill that ChatGPT can’t replicate. Things like critical thinking and analyzing things from different angles are a few of them. You can improve your work by taking help from ChatGPT. You can use it in research and creating the first draft. Apart from this, there are many limitations of ChatGPT. Find its limitations and use them to your advantage. If the ChatGPT cannot give different responses to the questions with different intentions, then it will work for your benefit. It is indeed known that we humans have created ChatGPT, and hence it cannot replace humans completely, as humans can do multipurpose work, which ChatGPT is incapable of doing.

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