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9 Best Plagiarism Checker Online Tools For Free | Mithvin

In the digital market when the demand for curative content has raised. It’ll create a tendency for the people to repeat other’s content for his or her work. This system of taking someone else’s work or ideas is termed Plagiarized content. However, the internet world served you with enough free plagiarism checker online tools to identify such issues.

Let’s checkout the most used Duplichecker or plagiarism checker free online tools to analyse if you are getting uniquely written content delivered from your write.

Things To Understand

The contents accessible on the web are frequently assessed by Google bots and also the similar text and pages on the web are frequently monitored by Google algorithms. The high range of plagiaristic content will typically be punished by removing from the search engine result page (SERP) which could damage your credibility and trustworthiness. 

Why Do You Need a Plagiarism Checker tool?

Plagiarism Checker is incredibly important because you might have created the content from scratch however, chances are high that the similar word or the structure will match with the alternative content existing within the online site.

9 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools

Whether you’re a teacher or a student or a content writer, below mentioned are the Best Plag Checker Tools that will make your content distinctive which cannot match with any websites:


Grammarly plagiarism Checker (Free Plagiarism Checker Tool) notices plagiarism in your text and checks for other writing issues. It’s mainly a grammar checker tool that automatically detects spelling, grammatical and readability issues as well as provides corrections.

Quick Features

  • Check unlimited words with no issues
  • One-click copyright violation checker
  • Checks articles for overused words
  • Additional paid features like fixing jargon
  • Detects impolite, insensitive, and non-inclusive language
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Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is a plagiarism checker (Free Plagiarism Checker Tool) to find duplicate content. It scans the web for the identical sentences, phrases or paragraphs you’ve got on your internet, and points you to external URLs that have similar content.


  • 100% free
  • Grammar checker
  • Keyword rank checker
  • 1,000 words per search
  • Copy and paste any file
  • URL check
  • 100% detection rate


CopyScape (Free Plagiarism Checker Tool) assists you to safeguard your site against the threats of plagiarism. It identifies cases of content theft. CopyScape’s free version is different from other plagiarism checkers. As a replacement for scanning unpublished work for potential plagiarism, it checks existing page URL copies on the web.


  • Theft checker is supposed for bloggers and website proprietors
  • “Outstanding hunt” device for experts
  • It is suitable for clients who believe that their article is being replicated someplace else
  • Copy sentry


Quetext is a Genuine Plag Checker Tool and safe to use. Its Deep Search technology does not solely help you detect plagiarism efficiently but also delivers honest user expertise to you.


  • Deep Search – uses varied tools to figure out whether the text is real or copied. 
  • Color grade 
  • Originality Report
  • Interactive Snippet Text 
  • URL/Domain Exclusion 

White Smoke

White Smoke Plagiarism Checker is the foremost effective, powerful, precise and Free Plagiarism Checker Tool. White Smoke is truly like grammarly in many ways. 


  • It scans and matches your work with multiple websites
  • White Smoke online plag checker tool has a simple interface.
  • Gmail and MS word integration

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid Genuine Plag Checker Tool to sight plagiarism, improve the language and additionally work as a spell checker. Additionally, Pro Writing Aid highlights the base sentence and grammatical errors in yellow color. 


  • Improve your phrase structure 
  • It is tailored to cater to your variable desires

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector (Free Plagiarism Checker Tool) exactly distinguishes copyright content from records. You can check up to 1000 words free of cost.


  • Maximum of 1000 words you can scan 
  • You can screen the copied content and remove it effectively 
  • You can check linguistic errors during one click


SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker is another Free Plagiarism Checker Tool that scans your article for duplicated content. It is one of the most used free Content Duplicate Checker Tool by the content writers.


  • Image compression
  • SEO keyword competition analysis
  • Backlink checker
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Plagiarism checker  

Plagiarism checker (Free Plagiarism Checker Tool) detects plagiarism in your research papers, blogs, assignments and websites


  • The Originality of content (Content Duplicate Checker Tool)
  • Avoid content thievery
  • Keyword analysis
  • Copyright checker

If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many its research by Wilson Minzer.  It’s always good to explore the topic because that is how you will get the chance to learn and grow and receive honest feedback. Plagiarism is easy but it is punishable. The mentioned Best Plag Checker Tools are user – friendly which will help you to write unique curative contents which not only save your time but also help you to avoid writing mistakes.

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