How To Get Verified On YouTube? Easy YouTube Verification Process! Mithvin

How To Get Verified On YouTube? Easy YouTube Verification Process!

How To Get Verified On YouTube? Easy YouTube Verification Process!

Are you running a YT channel and want to know How To Get Verified On YouTube? Want to increase more subscribers and watch time by standing out of the crowd from thousands of similar YT channels already running?

If yes, then you have landed at the right place because here, you can learn and execute the easy process given about How To Verify YouTube Account!

Approximately 300 hours of each minute of video is uploaded with a ton of content with a YouTube Verified account or channel. Brands and producers are, of course, seeking different ways to distinguish themselves.

With over 10 million video creators on YouTube, the channel must earn trust by displaying a tick mark or YouTube verification badge after verifying YouTube Account. The small grey checkmark next to the name lends credibility to the channel. It’s that glimmer of sincerity that distinguishes the channel from someone who is merely repurposing the content. It also increases the chances of becoming noticed, allowing users to expand their fan base more quickly.

If you are also a YouTuber or planning to create a YT channel to monetize it and earn money online, then you must know Google’s parameters for getting a YouTube grey check or verification badge next to your channel name.

Let’s see the process in detail about how to verify a YouTube account. This guide includes the basics and eligibility criteria to apply for a YouTube verification badge or a YT grey tick mark.

What is a YouTube YouTube verified Badge or a verified YouTube account? 

A grey check sign or a music note showing beside the name of a channel is the YouTube verification badge. It allows fellow users to know that you are a genuine entity, brand, or company. A verification badge is a symbol of social evidence preventing the robbery of content and accompanying traffic by scam artists or impersonates. However, it doesn’t mean you have access to any unique features with this badge. This YouTube verified badge is only a sign of authenticity.

Take into account that verified channels won’t get any additional YouTube features. They don’t include YouTube awards, achievements, or endorsements. Discover more about the YouTube Creator Awards program if you are interested in finding out more about the awards.

Unless you modify the name of the channel, if it is verified, it will remain verified. If you rename the channel, it will not be verified, and you will have to apply again. If a channel violates the Community Guidelines or the YouTube Terms of Service, YouTube can withdraw verification or cancel it. The YouTube verification badge has evolved, and you can now find verification on a variety of YouTube channels.


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Eligibility To Earn YouTube Verified Badge

The channel must attain at least 100,000 subscribers to be qualified for a verification badge on YouTube. The team at YouTube checks the channel once users apply. 

Experts check the following to Verify YouTube Accounts:

Authentication: The true creator, brand, or entity that the channel purports to represent. To authenticate the identification, the team will confirm numerous factors, such as the channel age. More information or documents may also be requested.

Completion: The channel must be set for the public and contain a channel banner, title, profile image, and content.

In rare situations, YouTubers can also proactively check on channels that are known outside of YouTube, with fewer than 100,000 subscribers.

How to get verified on YouTube or Earn a YouTube Verification Badge?

Getting a verification badge on YouTube and acquiring this verification badge, the answer is pretty simple. More than 100,000 subscribers must be added to your list and users can then request a verification badge, but it does not ensure they get one. 

There are several things involved here:

  • Do you have a genuine YouTube channel? Is it the genuine creator, brand, or institution that it purports to be?
  • Is it open to the public?
  • Is there an icon and an explanation for it?
  • Is the channel active, with good content?

If users tick Yes to the preceding questions, the possibility of speedy verification will not be impacted. All this being said, it is a reasonable opportunity for YouTube, if a highly recognized company, brand, company, or person promotes it, to strategically check channels with fewer than 100k followers.

Anomalies, like the channels listed below, may also be found without an actual social identity, but they have a YouTube verification badge before the system is implemented.

If users seek what to do about it on YouTube, then they will find a step-by-step tutorial in this article on how to apply to obtain YouTube’s approval.

1. Visit Google Support for details.

Visit the Google forum and navigate to the YouTube section or go directly there by clicking on this URL.

2. Select ‘Contact flow’ from the drop-down menu.

There is a link to Google’s “contact flow” in a grey box within the eligibility criteria section if you have the required number of followers.

3. Select ‘Email Support’ from the drop-down menu.

Users can choose to ‘Email support’ by clicking the ‘Contact flow’ link.

4. Complete the form

Fill out the form, making sure to check the box next to “Is this a request for a verification badge?”

5. Now it’s time to submit the application and wait.

YouTube should be able to relieve you of your misery within 24 hours. When the check symbol may or may not appear.

How Can You Increase the Chances of Being Verified on YouTube?

As previously stated, simply filling out the application does not guarantee that the channel will receive a YouTube verification badge. YouTube expressly states that channels impersonating other creators, companies, or groups and/or copying their material will not be verified. Some procedures must be implemented to ensure that the channel receives the verification badge.

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Creating high-quality content

It creates amazing videos which attract and regularly get more views. This does not imply that you must post daily. If users write quality content, they can post as often as once or twice a week and obtain the views they like. Selecting the right equipment, specialization and video scripts are only a few methods to make your show more attractive and engage the audience. A lot of approaches can be explored to gain additional insights about your channel.

Comments Respond

No technique for building authenticity is greater than coming into direct contact with your spectators. It provides much-needed confidence, and credibility and makes it known to everybody that you claim to be. Answering your comments also motivates the viewers to sign up. Solid CTAs like inviting your audience to like them, signing up, and sharing your video also contribute to the growth of the channel.

Keep it real

Tell the audience what you do or what your company stands for. Don’t exaggerate the advantages of your product or service. The importance of relevance can not be overstated in this situation. Avoid using unethical methods, such as purchasing followers or harassing subscribers. If you break any YouTube policies or terms and conditions, the chances of receiving a verification badge will be reduced.

It should also be taken into consideration that the YouTube verified badge is only for the channel name. If a company has undergone a rebranding process, then the YouTube verification can not be transferred back to the news channel. The verification sign stays and expires on the original channel. Users may apply again through the new channel, of course, but it leaves them free to face all the dangers and uncertainties outlined above.

Final Thoughts

This step-by-step guide on how to get verified on YouTube will help you to verify your YouTube account or channel to protect your brand or business name. Hope the above-given information on how to verify your YouTube account would be helpful to get your YouTube verification badge.

So, please share your experience with us in the comment section given below like when did your channel get verified on YouTube? Also share, if you face any inconvenience during the process. Your shared experience might be helpful to the upcoming readers.

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