AI Writer Vs. Human Content Writer - Which Will Add Value To Your Readers?

AI Writer Vs. Human Content Writer – Which Will Add Value To Your Readers?

AI Writer Vs. Human Content Writer

If you are confused about whether to use an AI or a human content writer to promote your business or services, then you are in the right place. Several options are available in the market where you can get original content per your niche. And as our world is getting advanced technologically, many AI writers have been introduced designed to write original and plag free articles. These AIs are also able to create copywriting for various types of advertisements, such as Google ads.

So, you must be thinking, if you are getting so many benefits from Artificial Intelligence, then why hire any content writing agency for your work? But several factors are involved in effective and engaging content, which is much more than writing a unique article. In this article, you will get to know the difference between AI writers vs. human content writers and find which will add value to your users.

Which is Better – AI Writer or Human Content Writer?

Though artificial intelligence is rapidly replacing human work, there are many factors where you need the human mind to solve the issues. Below are some of the issues that can’t be solved by the AI writer and which can be well crafted by human content writers only.

Structure Issues

When it comes to crafting the article in a meaningful way, AI fails to keep the structure and decreases the impact of the tone. After 200 to 300 words, it has been observed that AI revolves around the same topic and tends to rewrite the same thing again and again. 

Though you get unique lines, at the same time, you need a professional content writer who can proofread the lines from time to time and rearrange them in a meaningful manner. Creating content through AI seems fast, but if you observe carefully, you will find that it takes lots of time to correct.

So, hiring a human content writer can be a good idea, at least in today’s time, as artificial intelligence has not become so advanced that it can write like a human. Human content writing might take time as compared to AI writers and also in research and analysis, but he can structure the content better than AI.

Processing Power Vs. Creative Thinking

Another factor that significantly reduces content quality is an AI’s processing power. AI writing tool can only analyze the existing words and phrases and just refresh the lines. You get unique words and paragraph that is unmatchable in the world, but they cannot ass value to the sentence. A human content writer can think creatively and guide the AI to fulfill the need of the content. Additionally, artificial intelligence does not understand what it is writing about, and it doesn’t care about your need while writing.

Only a human writer can understand your niche and think creatively to write an engaging article for your audience. Professional content writers can use words and phrases in a unique way that AI writers can’t even think of. Content writing, as always, is creative work, and if you want a professional content writer, you can contact us for the best work done.

Strategy Making Skills

Writing an article needs many factors to go through to include in your article strategically. You need to understand the business objectives and the kind of audience who want to grab your product or services. AI writer can’t understand your business ideas and the product you are making and starts writing your article as per your instructions without knowing your goal.

But expert article writers tend to understand your niches, your business goal, and your company’s reputation. According to these factors, a good content writer researches the topic and makes the strategy to write appealing content.

Adding Emotion Through Words

Humans have a very beautiful feeling called emotion which any artificial intelligence or a machine cannot understand. It is the human who can react even to a word or story. And take decisions according to their emotion and their mindset. Emotion is a very powerful strategy in the field of marketing, and AI can’t understand what makes humans tick.

So, creating an article through an AI writer can give simply unique and plag-free articles, but it can’t create emotion that convinces your audience to buy your product. The human content writer can both think from mind and heart both, writing the article according to the current scenario, and can add emotion through words.

Facts Checking Capability

When it comes to fact-checking, no AI writer can replace researching, crowd-sourcing, and checking the facts. You would be familiar that the world is changing very fast and what is true in the present was invalid in the past. This means the definition of fact keeps changing from time to time which only a human can witness.

And AI collects all the information that is already available on the Internet, which human writers collect. So, before publishing the article written by AI, please fact-check as AI is notorious for making stuff blunder.

Accuracy And Natural Flow Of Content

Maintaining the natural flow of content is the biggest challenge for every professional writer with the same accuracy. AI writers can slightly solve this as artificial intelligence has become advanced to some extent that can maintain the flow of writing. As we have discussed above, after a few words, it keeps repeating the same thing.

So, it’s a good idea to hire a professional content writer with decent experience and a good flow of writing. If you want an expert content writer, you can contact us for the best services in this field. 

Other than content writing services, Mithvin also provides services like Google Advertising, Social Media Ads, and PPC Ads that can be a plus point for your business.

Bottom Line

Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful technology that the human mind has developed in today’s world. Unfortunately, several jobs have been replaced by AI, but article writing is the thing that can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence. Article writing is the kind of creative writing that a human mind only thinks and reacts according to their senses. So, hire a human content writer instead of an AI writer for a better result for your business.

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