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11 Proven Ways To Find Clients For Your SEO Agency – Digital Marketing Strategies

Companies usually face difficulties finding an SEO writer for their business and constantly searching for the best SEO agencies to look after their ad campaign. Similarly, the biggest challenge faced by digital marketing and SEO agencies is approaching new companies. No matter the size of the agency, every SEO company wants to acquire new clients for sustainable growth.

So, are you running an SEO marketing agency but facing problems finding new clients? Then here we have mentioned the proven ways to find clients for your SEO agency.

Top 11 Smart Tips To Find The Clients For Your SEO Agency

Finding clients for an SEO marketing agency can be a tricky job because many small companies don’t know where and how to find a digital marketer. Below, we have mentioned some of the prospects through which you can approach your clients. 

1] Research For The Client Who Needs An SEO Service

To secure more SEO clients, you first need to find one who needs to improve their SEO performance. For that, you can audit various sites and shortlist the weak websites that are needed to improve. After all the research is done, you can contact them and explain the mistakes they are making in their articles, page speed, technical speed, and more. Mention your expertise and various ways through which you can solve their problems.

2] Join Freelancing Platforms

Freelance platforms are the best place to get close to long-term SEO clients for your business if approached strategically. These are the platforms where you can meet several people who are looking for solutions for SEO marketing. 

You can optimize your business profile well to appear on top of freelance platforms to attract clients. Once you start delivering the best SEO work within their budget, they can hire you again and again. Besides, you can also get the best feedback for recommendations for the next clients.

Why Get Professional SEO Writing Services From An Experienced Agency?

3] Find The Places Of Your Client’s Availability

After finalizing your niches, find places where your clients will be available. Waiting for the clients to notice you are simply a waste of time. Instead, you look for them on various platforms like social media, on Google, attending marketing events and conferences, and other potential places. 

You need to appear in public to make people aware of your SEO agency using the platforms mentioned above. And check the places where your potential clients have described their SEO problems. You will surely get some people who have clearly stated their issues and need a direct solution. Reach out and help them with your skills to grow their business through the best SEO service.

4] Attend Marketing Conference And Events

You can also attend digital marketing conferences and events to build connections with potential businesses. These are great places to get close to several industries and interact with them to promote your firm. Additionally, you can also speak at marketing conferences to influence thousands of people about your SEO service at one time.

After the completion of your session, surely some people will interact and love to join you. And the second advantage is, they will take about the conversation and encourage more people to contact you. You can publish your conference on YouTube and other social media platforms that may help to achieve high-quality leads.

5] Partner With Design And Digital Marketing Agency

Website design agencies and digital marketing companies work together to grow businesses together. You can collaborate with these agencies and provide the best job according to the niche they prefer. Once they profit from your work, they will recommend you, and you will get a worm client. While looking for partner opportunities, start with local agencies, as they are more willing to collaborate.


6] Leverage Your SEO Expertise On Social Media

Publishing helpful content on social media can help you to get more SEO clients as your post can get in front of your targeted audience. But showing your ads on social media can be difficult as there is no guarantee that your post will be seen by a specific audience. But if you post super helpful content, then people will share your post, and it can be sent to your viewers.

And second, you need to post frequently to stay engaged with your clients and also help to find new clients. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more stop showing your page if you stay inactive for a long time. So, you must stay regular by posting useful stuff to build your trust in your clients and answer all the comments to get engaged with them.

7] Leverage Your LinkedIn Presence

Among all social media platforms, LinkedIn can be the absolute place to get serious clients. But it’s important to leverage the right technique as users on LinkedIn know what is there on the other end. 

So, if you want to get in touch with potential SEO clients, then you need to follow the correct strategy and showcase the true value of your company.

8] Add Content Marketing Tactics

Content marketing can be another option to promote your SEO business to get visible online and have a high-quality lead. Content marketing is the method of marketing to introduce your services via educating the people. You can follow various tactics like search engine optimization, Google ads, and PPC ads to rank your content on the Google search engine to acquire clients faster. Additionally, you can promote your content through Facebook Ads to showcase yourself throughout the Facebook platform, including Instagram.

If you want to minimize your effort in frequently publishing SEO-optimized articles on your site to survey the users with value-added information, then Professional Content Writing Agency would be the best choice to go for. As an instant solution, you can contact us for the best content marketing services as we provide writing experts in various niches and help you to promote using the above services. 

We also have an expert team of digital marketers who can run ad campaigns on Google and social media platforms.

9] Build Your Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is a crucial part of any company as it helps to build trust among the clients and the company for whom you are working. You can build your brand’s reputation through blogging, appearing on podcasts, and using social media platforms.


10] Email Marketing

Email marketing can be the most accurate method to get in close with your existing clients as well as new clients. Through this marketing strategy, you can send direct mail to a group of people in one go. At the same time, you can directly interact with your clients and solve their queries more efficiently. Also, you can update them with the latest news about your companies and can provide new services instantly that you have included in your package. This can make your SEO business more legit and grow your brand value among people.

11] Through Word Of Mouth And Referrals

Referral marketing and word of mouth is the powerful method to promote any business. For instance, several people are available in the market who don’t trust third-party websites or apps to hire digital marketing content writing services. They still rely on people who have been recommended by friends, family, or colleagues to hire SEO writers or digital marketers for their business. This is mostly seen with the small businesses that want to appear online and scale their firm.

If you are new to the SEO marketing business, then this can be a great opportunity to acquire these clients. And this can be done through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing as they prefer to hire someone. 

You can contact your friends, family members, and existing clients and ask them to promote your firm in their network. If they would like your work, then they will recommend it to other people, too, and in this way, you will create a network of warm clients.

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