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Top 10 Advanced SEO Techniques To Instantly Boost Traffic On Your Site

There are so many amazing techniques through which you can easily boost your traffic on your site. Here we will discuss the top 10 techniques that will help you to enhance your traffic on your website. It is important to understand what are those factors which are responsible for traffic on your site. 

Once you are able to identify those techniques and factors it will become a lot easier for you to achieve what you want. SEO Techniques are of different types and every technique is so useful and important for you to perform your task and improve the traffic on a website. 

You need to know the basics first such as knowing to abort the Keyword research, optimizing title tags and meta tags, creating optimized content and many more basic concepts are there. It’s not about the techniques only but also the tactics and strategies that you make before the creation of your website. You will get thousands and lakhs of SEO tips but unless you don’t make it a tragedy to use them it’s pointless. 

It is important to understand and learn the concept and techniques and you should also execute it. The execution part is essential and plays an important role because it won’t make any sense to learn the techniques and don’t apply or execute it. Your first priority should be to rank on top of the search engine but that is only possible if your website gets enormous traffic. Therefore, you should make your strategy on how to enhance the traffic and once it will increase then it’s obvious that your website will rank on the top search engine.

SEO Techniques, Tips, And Guide That Can That Can Help You To Enhance Traffic On Your Website

Focus and improve your user experience

If your website is not well designed, untrustworthy, slow, and poor which takes a lot of time to load will not be a good sign for. Even though users will land on your website and they won’t find it worth it they will straight away click another website. That means you might lose users and potential conversion and nobody would want that to happen.

That is why it is important for you to design your website in such a way that if users visit the website, they will like it, and spend time on your website. Also, to collect whatever information they are looking in your website. You don’t want bounce to happen, it is the term where the user lands on the website and straightaway leave the page without doing any other activity. So, your priority should be to minimize or don’t let bounce to happen as it is not a good thing. 

Therefore, you should know how to improve the user experience, and here is a list of some points that can help you enhance your user experience.

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Make post easy to read

Make sure you post a high-quality content for users to read and use the formatting for the content. It will increase your organic rankings and you should take that a step ahead t optimize content for readability. It is important for you and for an audience to read and understand the content. They land n your website because they need information on from your website and if they would not be able to read and understand why would they stay on the page. Therefore, it’s important to make your post readable to or audience. Here are tips for making your content readable for your readers.

Create quality content.

You should not compromise with the quality of your content and make sure you create quality content as it is very important for generating the traffic to your website. Create your unique content without any duplicate para or sentences. Make sure there are no grammar mistakes and the content should be error-free. There is no margin of error whatsoever remember that. So before posting the content on your website check spelling, grammar, and duplicate sentences.  

Short paragraphs

Make sure that you don’t write a long paragraph, follow this rule and limit your para to 3-4 sentences which is ideal. Remember that a paragraph is a bunch of sentences that support one idea s void splitting the paragraph or your point might lose. The paragraph can be of just one sentence if necessary but a long paragraph is not ideal therefore you should avoid long paragraphs while making content for your website.

Short sentence

Make sure you write short sentences as long sentences are hard to read and it is not ideal either. Also, long sentences are quite tough for computers and mobile devices. Make sure that you do not have too short sentences either as it is not ideal either. Try to mix your short and long sentences well and focus should be achieving the goal that you have set for yourself.

Bullet points

Don’t shy away from using the bullet point when you have lots of data, and stats to use in your content. It makes it easy for readers to read when you make it with bullet points. The rules say that if you are using more than three points then make it a bullet point.

Headers and sub headers

You should know that an average person spends more than 35 seconds glancing at just the content online. This means a perfect subheader can be handy as a reader can easily spot what there is content by just reading the subheading. Therefore, a catchy sub header is important too for you use and it can play a huge role in generating the traffic to your website

Images and screenshots

Images are important as it helps to illustrate the points in a pretty good manner and without an image the content is incomplete. Make sure you add the image or screenshots to your content. Make sure that the image you are adding should be of ideal size and it should not take much time to load and open. This issue is very common due to the size of the image which is not acceptable. If the page would take enough time to load completely then a user might bounce and leave the page because nobody wants to waste the time.

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The first design for mobile

If you are new in this field and collecting the tips and information to start your own website and look for generating the traffic on your website. Then you should be creating or designing it for the mobile-first. Well, it is not surprising at all because nowadays who doesn’t use or carry a mobile? Almost every who can afford a mobile is using the phone and not only the phone but also the internet. It is not strange at all because the world is getting digitalized and everyone gradually learning and getting the thongs. Which is quite awesome.

Earlier only educated people knew about the internet, google, YouTube, etc. but now even a man who never heard the school bell knows much about the internet and google. So, you must create your website for mobile-first, where users can access your mobile on their phone easily and use it. 

Here are some of the stats about the phone that everyday person uses and how many people use a mobile phone.

  • More than 77% of Americans own a smartphone and use the smartphone it is obvious that if they have one, they will use it for sure
  • Around 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months. This tells that they not only use phones but they also use a phone and use the internet. This tells that they use a phone to buy a phone and it means that they shop online as well.
  • More than 40% of all e-commerce purchases during the 2018 holiday season were made on a smartphone. Here you need to understand that there are a huge number of people who are using mobile phones and all are using them for an important purpose.
  • Around 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations. Now you see here how smart people have become these days and it’s all because of mobile phones and they know how to make the most of it.

Write longer content

When you create content for your website make sure you write linger content as it will cover all the points and you will get enough words to explain it properly.  Longer content is not important if your content is well versed and to the point where readers won’t struggle to understand then its s well and good. Long content has its own advantage where users will get all the information that they need. If the audience is looking for some information in your content then one thing is sure that every person wants to get the information from one website only if possible. 

Nobody wants to collect useful information from two or three websites, it’s easy for users to collect all the required details from a single website only. Then long content comes into play where you’ll be creating the long content and writing all the required information for your reader. Once you successfully start doing that then it will be no surprise that traffic will be generated on your website. 

Providing all the information correctly and t the point will be a great advantage as readers will find it useful and you would be able to earn the trust of your user and now this is called a potential conversion through the quality and long content.

Focus on topic cluster more than keywords

Keywords are important no doubt but the topic cluster is very important and you should give priority to the topic cluster. You should b focusing on topic clusters more but that doesn’t mean you focus less on keywords and their factors. Other factors are also important but the topic cluster stands at top of the list of priorities. 

Therefore, you must know about placing the keywords as well as a topic cluster. Once you understand and the importance of these factors you will know why it is important. Placement of topic cluster is essential as many content writers fail to do that correctly and end up mixing the things badly. It is quite easy and simple to place and creator your topic cluster. 

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So, all the points have been discussed about how to improve and boost the traffic on your website with all the tips, guides, and techniques. But it is not completed yet unless you don’t apply it and execute it properly. Here we have discussed only the top 10 techniques but there are thousands and lakhs of techniques and all are superb and useful. Remember that it is not just traffic but also revenue. 

This means generating traffic will lead to generating the overall revenue which is your goal. Everybody wants their website to rank on top in search engine and traffic will be the only way that can maximize your chance to rank on top in every search engine.

Make sure that know the factors that are important for boosting your website traffic, once you achieve that half the job will be done. Then you should be making the strategy and creating tactics for that to happen.  Make sure you take all the facts and factors into your consideration before starting anything. 

Once you made the strategy then you should be focusing on the execution part which is the most important part of all the points. Without executing your plan it’s useless and pointless to collect the knowledge. SEO guides and tips are important because in these new eras where everything is getting digitalized you should be careful and be aware of your existing competitors. Once you know and understand how it works then it will be easy for you to generate a traffic on your website.

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