Google Ads Audit Checklist - 15 Quick Ways To Increase Your ROI

Increase Your ROI With 15 Quick & Free Google Ads Audit Checklist

You may need a Free PPC Guide to manage your business ad campaign account. There are numerous agencies for Google Ads’ Audit like Mithvin PPC Expert (Your Revenue Booster) and many more. When you run an ad campaign, the budget sometimes raises with undesirable expenses.

This often happens because of inexperience, lack of knowledge, and less qualified auditor who manages your account. You never know how much risk is at you, without assessing your account for the campaign.

Reliable Revenue Booster Google Ads Audit Stats!

When the Google Advertising Audit is set up perfectly as well as managed smoothly then, with Google Ads any business can boost its ROI. If it is so hard for you to believe then, the following stats will indicate its impact:

  • According to Google Economic Impact Report, businesses that invests $1, get $2 as the ROI.
  • As per Search Engine Watch, more than 70% of Google Ads Marketers want to increase their PPC Budgets.
  • More than 75% of mobile surfers directly call a business from Google, according to a Search Engine Watch report.
  • You know that 98 out of 100 searchers choose a business that is on the main page, according to a report by BrightLocal.
  • Up to 45% of the clicks come from the top 3 ad spots of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), as per the Wordstream report.

Understand Google Advertising Audit, In a Nutshell!

The Google Ads Audit is a great process of evaluating efficiency and effectiveness. An audit of the account can reveal and expose the internal hidden issues that need to fix. After identifying those relevant issues can upgrade your overall performance and health of the campaign.

Some numerous automated tools and services provide results, scores, and grades based on an algorithm. However, an agency full of experienced professionals can help you and your account in optimization. The optimization includes the best services for an audit action plan. 

Those accounts that lack in the plan and context of marketing goals, desired outcomes, and audience focus, can easily sort with it for your PPC efforts. The main keys and objectives to a good audit are to:

  • Understand the importance as well as recognize or identify the review subject.
  • Document the current status of each item in the PPC Audit.
  • Performing the action plan post-audit is a must. In the action plan, you need to point out the items and make a detailed note that needs to resolve.
  • Google Advertising Audit or simple audit is not done to update the campaign or an account, unless very critical. If such a critical issue is uncovered then, the issue must be resolved instantly.

Quick & Free Guide to Conduct Google Ads Audit!

As many businesses doesn’t understand what Google Advertising Audit is. This leads to an increase in investment and a gradual decrease in ROI. As we all know that in business two most important as well as significant aspects are Time and Money.

With perfectly tuned campaigns, you can reap benefits with an audit performed periodically. For that, you either need a PPC Audit firm or a PPC Guide that offers advice for free. All those firms that offer a guide and manage your ad campaign follow the below-mentioned steps precisely:

1] Review Goals

2] Redesign Account Structure

3] Campaign & Account Settings

4] Make Focused Ad Groups

5] Identify Keywords

6] Run Ads

7] Optimize & Redesign Landing Page

8] Call for Action

9] Reap Advantages from Google Ad Extension

10] PPC Ad Reports Automation

11] Monitoring & Analysing Historical Ad Performance

12] Add Video to Landing Page

13] Boot Site Speed

14] Enable Google Seller Rating Extension

15] Create & Setup Responsive Search Ads

Benefits of Google Ads Audit for Ad Campaign!

  • Decrease in all necessary and unnecessary expenditure
  • Enhances the Management Process
  • Expansion after recognition of new opportunities
  • Helps in gaining audience or customers insights for both account and marketing channels
  • It validates all assumptions and decreases the probability of uncertainty.


Using all the quick and easy 15 quick and free steps, you can manage your Google Ad campaign account. Not only manage, but it also includes a boost in business ROI exponentially. So, as soon as possible connect with us because we provide better auditing as well as management from grass root to god-level.

Hopefully! You will like our services and, try to connect with us.

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