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Best Digital Marketing Strategy To Bring Organic Traffic To Gaming Blog

Bring Organic Traffic To Your Gaming Blog

Starting a gaming blog is easy as you just need a website or platform where you can post your content. But bringing organic traffic to your gaming website is the biggest problem that every blogger comes across. If you regularly update articles but don’t achieve any traffic on your website, then you are missing something. In this article, we have provided a complete guide on how to bring organic traffic to your gaming block. But before that, you must understand the algorithm of search engines like Google and how they are changing to become smarter.

Changing Algorithm Of Search Engine

Google keeps on changing its policies and algorithm to make it more difficult for the creators to rank on the first page. Earlier, when the Internet was new, the search engine bots weren’t trained enough to identify the natural flow of content and spin one. So, it was ranking most of the sites that were using the keywords in a decent density, even without following a natural sentence flow.

But now, with the innovations of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Google bots are getting trained day-by-day and focused on ranking only those pages that are offering high UX (User Experience).

So, here is some expert guidance to bring your gaming blog to the top rank of the search engine result pages following 100% white hat tactics.

Pro Tips to rank your Gaming blog on google & Bing search engines

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1] Refine Your Targeted Audience

Before you start creating content for your gaming blog, it’s important to give time to research your audience. Understand your targeted audience and the expectation they have from your blog or article. 

To identify your audience, consider the age group and where your target audience is from 15 to 25 years old. Second, the problems they are facing and in this age group, people love to play games and stay updated about the latest technologies. So, you can include information about the latest games, the latest technologies used in the gaming industry, and much more.

2] Use Well Researched Keywords In Your Content

Keyword research is the technique used by content writers and SEO experts to discover specific words and phrases that are mostly searched on Google or any other search engine. This process will give you an idea of the type of content your audience wants, and the Google crawler can also find your article fast and rank your page on the first page.

The professional content has all the ideas to search the keywords and manage them using the proper length. If you don’t have to publish a blog on a daily basis, then you can hire professional content who can write SEO-friendly blogs for your website.

3] Hire A Professional To Create Comprehensive Content For Your Blog

As we have discussed above, content is the king in the blogging website, and the Google algorithm has also started focusing on valuable content. So, it’s very important to create comprehensive content that can add value to your content. You can search for professional content writers who belong to a technical field and stays updated in the field of gaming. 

4] Apply SSEO Basics To Your Website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important practice to make your website or blog more search engine friendly. It helps to rank your website on the first page of Google and generate more traffic organically. 

You must consult an SEO writer who is an expert in both off-page and on-page SEO and follows all the algorithms of Google. Additionally, before hiring any professional, you must check whether he is using the latest SEO tools and plugins for better results.

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5] Regularly Refresh The Outdated Content

Google keeps on changing its policies and algorithm. So, even if you are ranking high for your targeted keywords, make sure that this status is not permanent. SEO is not something you set and forget the task as the interest of the people and search engine’s policies keep on changing. And gaming is the industry where you can see new technologies and new games introduced every month. 

So, it’s very important to keep track of your articles and keep on updating as the time demand. 

6] Include Interlinking In Your Routine Task

Practicing good SEO is not enough to generate traffic, as your articles should be well organized. So, you must follow the procedure called interlinking, where you connect all the articles available on your website. And this is not the thing that you do it once and forget as it requires lots of time and it should be your daily task. It might not be possible for Mithvin to provide you with a professional who can handle your website like an expert.

7] Submit Guest Posts To Neighbourhood Websites

If you just started your gaming blog and want traffic in a very short period, then guest posting can be a good idea. Several websites were available in the market with a huge audience and offered other creators to publish their pages. You can publish your articles on their website and generate the required audience in a very short time. But posting your articles on neighbourhood websites is not an easy task as there are specific rules that you need to fulfill before publishing. For that, you can hire expert content writers who have the ability to write articles on third-party sites.

8] Regularly Share Your Articles On Social Media

Social  media is the most powerful platform where you can get a large audience and get engaged with them. So, you must create social media groups and communities where you can interact with your audience. You can share your blog’s link and organically generate traffic through social media. If you are unable to increase the followers on your page, you can consult us as we provide a Facebook ad service.  

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If you are following all the steps but are unable to pull the audience to your site, then you can contact us as Mithvin provides services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and PPC Ads. If you have recently started your gaming blog, then these three tools can help to boost your website, and after creating so much hype, you will start getting organic traffic.

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