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Top 10 Things You Must Know About Digital Marketing Rather Than Conventional Marketing

Top 10 things you must know – Why you should go with Digital Marketing or Google Paid Ads Advertising Rather than Conventional Marketing or Traditional Marketing.

With the fast-growing pace of life, digital life is overshadowing the traditional one. Well, the reason is quite simple, most of the population needs products/ services in a quick time without applying much effort and hence, the digital platform fulfills the same and due to it, a large segment of the population is relying on Digital means.

We are indeed habitual with the Traditional Marketing since the beginning and in this Marketing though after having many difficulties and more expenses, we don’t think further, to change the way to maximize our ROI by doing fewer efforts & Smart Works.

And these things happening might be due to the following situations: –

  • You are not getting a good guideline with Digital Mediums
  • You might not have believed that your money will not go anywhere in Digital Marketing
  • You are unaware that in Internet-Based Marketing, you can track the real-time audience and all expenses

But don’t worry. Why are we here because we are trying our best to enhance your knowledge & skills about “How to Use Google AdWords for Your Business Growth”.

For “Affordable Google AdWords Campaign Management Services” you can achieve your goal by spending less money, time & effort. We assure you will get very good returns within a quick span of time by following this “DIY Google Adwords Blog”.

So, here are the main #10 reasons, why you should bother about “Why to Use Google Adwords for Your Business Growth”:-

AdWords is Measurable and Flexible to Use

Google AdWords is known as “the best Pay Per Click Advertising service” because you can get track of your all investments. We can say, it has the Perfect Accounting Software which keeps track of even a single penny you are spending on Google Advertising. You can measure the # number of people who have clicked, visited, queried, or purchased your services/ product from your business shop, and with the same, you will get to know in which products/services they are interested more? And almost all possible queries get answered from Google AdWords Dashboard, which you can’t even think about.

It is extremely flexible because you get the full control to narrow down your audience by applying the filters on the following levels:-

  • Location
  • Device
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Schedule to get more relevant user
  • Stop unwanted clicks/ search
  • Target specific sites to show ads. e.g. Gmail, YouTube, Popular News & other Sites

There are hundreds of advantages of using Google Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services which can’t be explained in this single article.

But still, we are trying to give you a glimpse of a few Advantages of using Pay Per Click Ads.

Lead Conversion From The Very First Day

Yes! It’s 100% true. You can get the leads & convert it from Day 1 for your business. It’s because Google Pay Per Click Management Services pay respect to your time & also understands the requirements very well. Hence, it has created a solution that helps you to get the best possible leads as per your Ad Spend & targeted audience.

Why use “Pay Per Click Advertising Firm” over SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

No doubt, SEO is a very good practice to get genuine & organic traffic to your site without spending a single buck on SEO activities. But nowadays, no one wants to wait for a long time to eat while the cooking process is going on. Everyone wants to get the ready-made meal in front of their table to fill their stomach as soon as possible. In the same way obviously, how can we wait for a long time to earn more money from our business, isn’t it!

That’s why; Online Google Paid Ads are the best, the safe & easy process to go with to achieve the highest growth in your business niche. But at the same time, you should also work for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) because, in the longer run, it will give organic and inbound queries, which will consistently help you to get more leads without spending extra money.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Services are more engaging & appealing than other Advertising Techniques

Since you have full control of Ad contents & budget along with pause & resume campaign features, choose the creamy layered audience to show your ads, it’s being a more engaging way for your selected business niche. I personally love it because anytime the targeted interest or keywords can be modified to better serving to the user’s query.

Full Budget Control in your hand

It’s a super flexible feature in Google Digital Marketing Campaign where you can start your advertising even at Rs. 10. Hahaha… Amazing isn’t it. That’s why we said, it has super flexible bidding and budget option.

Benefits of using Search Engine Advertising over Traditional Advertising

If we compare the Google AdWords Paid Advertising with Traditional Marketing then even you will say – YES! Let’s go for “Affordable Google AdWords Campaign Management Services”.

See the below points to get more clear ideas by comparing between “Paid Advertising” & “Traditional Marketing”:-

Google AdWords Vs. Conventional Marketing

Google Pay Per Click  MarketingConventional / Traditional Marketing
It can be started by spending a very small  amountIt needs to spend a fix and a huge amount  at starting
100% control over your daily  budget. You can set the PPC Advertising budget anytime as per your pocket allowYou don’t have any control over money once after  paying to the advertising agency
The full control over  scheduling or pausing the Ads. No worry to lose a single rupeeOnce after purchasing the Advertisement Service  & making payment, you don’t have the option to pause the services or get  the paid amount
Anytime you can add or create  new Ads or make changes to existing oneYou don’t have the option to manipulate the Ads  in just purchased advertising service
Target the selected creamy  layered of audienceNo way to target any specific audience
No boundations to run your  Ads for any selected period. It’s all up to you to run or pause ads as per  your business promotional planYou have signed a bond for a particular  duration. You can’t cancel the bond otherwise you are going to lose the cost  paid for the advertisement 

The Transparent Results of Google Pay Per Click Marketing

Using Google Paid Advertising on multiple levels, you can analyze your Campaign result for better planning of running campaigns next time. You can track all spent amounts filtered by user device, locations, language, interest, search query terms & more. And then accordingly you can optimize the AdWords Campaign for better output at a low cost

Google gives you High-Quality Traffic Sources

However, if you are pondering, “How To Use Google AdWords For Business Growth” or “How to create Google AdWords Campaigns“, Then by default, Google works to show your ads on high-traffic sites to give you better conversion within your budget in Google PPC Ads.

Reach Your Local Customers for Small or Medium-Sized Business

Everyone wants to get the services nearby their location. Again Google Pay Per Click Advertising Services will help you to target local users only. It will display your business information on the mobile or desktop to the audience who are within your targeted radius from your business place. At present days, many startups are there in the market who wants to get local customers to purchase their product or to visit their shop. And so, they opt for Affordable Google Adwords Campaign Management Services to target Local customers.

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Retarget or follow up the audience/ customer/ client

It is human nature that someone doesn’t buy the service/ products at the first time when they queried. And here, you have a good chance to convert them by retargeting or running Remarketing Campaigns for those audiences. Again, you can check & apply for the persons who have seen your Ad once but have not yet gotten converted. Which is near to impossible in Traditional Marketing.

The conclusion of “Why you should go with Google Paid Ads Advertising rather than Traditional Marketing”

  • You get one custom dashboard to see all possible results for your Ad Spend. 
  • You can measure the cost of Per lead & Per Conversions
  • You can see, how much traffic is coming to your website or by doing a query for your business
  • You can also show your ads on your targeted websites only
  • Run multiple campaigns at one time to execute your multiple goals
  • No Keywords Limits. You can use up to 5 Million Keywords within a Google AdWords Account
  • Easy to set up your ads in a custom way
  • You can use Google Pay Per Click Advertising Services even if you are not holding any website. You can run Call Only Campaigns to get a query for your business directly on your phone
  • Analyze & continuously improve your campaigns for better Returns on Investments
  • Flexible bidding feature to set it as per your budget, targeting & requirements

We will not be tired to share with you the best features of Google Pay Per Click Advertising Services but you might get tired of reading all the things at once. Hahaha…

So would love to hear you by comment & would be more than happy to share more info with you about Digital Marketing Benefits, Features & More.

So let us know, how much you liked this article? Also, comment if you get any new thing here and want to know anything more about Digital Marketing or “Free Google Adwords Help Center Online”.

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